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Monthly Archives: March 2019

Sistani tells Rouhani: Arms must be limited to the control of the state

Al-Arabia – Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has issued a statement after meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, in which he said that Iraq hopes to “enhance relations with its neighbors on the basis of respecting the sovereignty of others” while stressing the need to keep arms under the control of the state. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani meets with Iranian President …

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U.S. Charges Russia, Iran With Serious Rights Abuses In Annual Report

RFL/RE – The United States has charged Russia and Iran with committing a range of serious human rights abuses both domestically and abroad in an annual State Department report.In its Country Reports On Human Rights Practices For 2018, the State Department said Russian authorities had committed or been implicated in “severe” human rights abuses at home and in foreign countries, …

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Iran Threatens Defense Overhaul to Counter ‘Suspicious Nuclear Projects’

VOA — A senior Iranian security official on Wednesday accused regional powers of spending money on “suspicious nuclear projects,” and warned that such threats would force Tehran to revise its defense strategy. Ali Shamkhani, the secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, did not name the countries — but a proposed transfer of U.S. nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia has …

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UN Expert Criticizes Crackdown on Protesters in Iran

VOA — A report critical of Iran’s human rights situation and its crackdown on people protesting declining living standards is under review this week at the U.N. Human Rights Council. The U.N. special investigator on the human rights situation in Iran, Javaid Rehman, said the country faces myriad challenges, many related to rising inflation and deteriorating economic and social conditions …

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UAE: 7 Emiratis, 2 Egyptians Detained by Iran Were Freed

VOA — The United Arab Emirates says seven Emiratis and two Egyptians held by Iran since January after being detained in the Persian Gulf have been freed. The Emirati Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday the nine were detained while on a fishing trip. It said those detained were released into the care of the UAE Coast Guard. Iranian …

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Iran Executions: Father and Son Hanged for Drug-related Charges

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Two prisoners were hanged at Birjand Central Prison for drug-related charges on Monday, March 11, 2019. According to IHR sources, on the morning of Monday, March 11, ShirMohammad Naroei, 50, and Younes Naroei, 20, were hanged at Birjand Central Prison. The father and son were sentenced to death for drug-related charges. “The father and son were …

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Iran’s hard-liners praise Rouhani for boosting trade with Iraq

Al-Monitor – The geo-economic aspects of President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to Iraq couldn’t be more pleasing to Iran’s conservatives. Ever since the US departure from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) last May, conservatives have urged Rouhani to bypass Washington’s reinstated sanctions by focusing on trade with neighbors like Iraq as opposed to the Europeans. Rouhani expressed his willingness to …

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Profiteering, smuggling push Iran to consider ‘electronic’ food stamps

Al-Monitor – As part of its strategy to counter US economic sanctions, Iran has effectively granted subsidized foreign currency to importers of essential goods. The aim of this has been to ensure that the prices of basic products such as food and medicine do not rise considerably despite the drastic drop in the value of the rial on the open …

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Top Official Says U.S. Has Cautioned Europe On ‘Risks’ With Iran Trade

Radiofarda – A senior U.S. Treasury Department official has told a Congressional subcommittee that U.S. has “engaged extensively with European countries on the significant risks” of providing Iran with a special facility for trade. Sigal Mandelker, U.S. Treasury Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence. File photo Under Secretary of U.S. Treasury Sigal Mandelker, the head of Treasury’s Office of …

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