Friday , 8 December 2023

Iran Executions: Three Men Hanged in public

Iran Human Rights (IHR) –  Three prisoners were hanged in Public at a square in the city of Yasuj, capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province, Iran.

According to Iranian judiciary’s news agency (Mizan), three men named Keykavous Jamal Sirat, Rostam Rezaei and Abdollah Johari, were hanged at a square in Yasuj city on Sunday, January 13. The three prisoners were sentenced to death for armed robbery.

UN human rights experts, including the former Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Iran, had previously drawn particular attention to continued reports of public executions. “a dehumanising effect on both the victim and those who witness the execution” and ultimately reinforced the “already cruel, inhuman and degrading nature of the death penalty,” UN experts said.