Friday , 3 February 2023

The Fashafiyah prison authorities attempt to break the hunger strike of Five Sufi prisoners

Shabtabnews – The authorities of Fashafiyeh prison, attempted to break the hunger strike of five Sufi prisoners through their transfer to the Prison Disciplinary Committee, and harsh judicial threats.

Salehdin Moradi, Mojtaba Birjandvand, Mohammad Reza Darvishi, Saeed Soltanpour and Ali Mohammad Shahi, are the five Sufis, detained in Fashafiyah, who were imprisoned after the February Sufi protests. Their hunger strike is in protest of treatment of Sufis by prison authorities, and also for the release of Gonabadi Sufi leader, Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh from house arrest, and the release of Sufi women who have been  imprisonment since February.

The five Sufi prisoner in response to prison officials have stated they will not stop their hunger strike until their demands are met.

Farzai, the head of the prison, in response to the deterioration of the Sufi’s physical condition, stated: “If the the Sufi’s die from hunger strike,  it should be considered as a reduction of garbage from prison.”

Hundreds of Gonabadi Sufis are in kept in the  worst of legal and health conditions within the Fashafiyev Prison.