Thursday , 2 February 2023

In support of the prisoner’s rights and protesting the situation of Sufi prisoners

Shabtanews -Dozens of political and social activists have  expressed concern over the situation of the Gonabadi Sufis in prison and the violation of their basic rights

For more than 7 months, a group  belonging to the Gonabadi Sufi order have been jailed in the aftermath of the bitter events of Golestan 7th Street, on 19th February 2018. During this period, Mohammad Raji was killed during his interrogation and torture, and Mohammad Salas was executed after being falsely charged with the murder of three law enforcement officers and there has also been heavy sentences given out to other Sufis. The trial of these individuals, including the execution of Mohammad Salas, have been condemned to a large extent by the international community, especially as some of these Sufi prisoners have been denied their basic rights to a self-defence and have been subjected to  unfair court hearings without observance of the basic rights as defendants, some of whom, who were tried in their absence and given heavy judicial sentences.

What has been stated concerning the Sufis involved in the writing of this letter and petition, regards the  heavy sentences of the judiciary and the situation of the prisoners in Qarchak and Fashafiyah prisons. In the hope that  everyone will become aware of the rights of the accused, the rights of the prisoners (both material and psychological ), so that they force Iranian authorities to start to observe  the executive regulations in regard to prisoners (including the right to free access to a lawyer, the right to choose a lawyer, the right to visitation and call with their relatives, the right to immediate medical treatment, the right to nourishment and appropriate detention, the right to observe and respect of personal and other beliefs and other prisoners’ rights). These concerns are  in addition to the reports that have been published in recent years about the very worrying  situations within these prisons. The continuation of which,  has led to widespread abuses of prisoners’ rights and the deaths of prisoners as results of horrific incidents in these prisons, and the serious and persistent failure to address these situations, which is responsible to  an ever-increasing trend of abuses.

We, as the signatories of this letter, consider it necessary to emphasise the obvious and legal nature of the right of every prisoner; we must emphasise that the prisoner is also a citizen, regardless of charge or conviction or any opinion. A citizens who is in prison has a the right to medical treatment,  and dignity, and it is the responsibility of the judicial and executive authorities to  supervise and uphold these rights. There should be  no more punishment like the deprivation of basic rights whilst in detention.  We are very concerned about the reports about the health of Sufi prisoners and the absolute lack of information concerning the  situation of Reza Entesari, Kasra Nuri, Mohammad Sharifi-maghdam, Mehdi Eskandari, Hesam Moeini, Morteza Kangerlu, Amir Noori and Sina Entesari who were seriously assaulted by prison authorities during the last month’s  attack on the Sufis .

These assaults were clear violations of their basic rights, and according to eye witnesses several of the Sufis suffered  head injuries, and broken jaws. These eight dervishes were then removed from the ward without any form medical examination. Furthermore, the authorities have rejected all their family’s requests for information about their conditions and whereabouts.

It is necessary to recall that these Sufis are should be regarded as innocence before an actual trail and at the very least the authorities should observe the executive regulations regarding prisoners and  perform  their legal duties in relation to the observance of the prisoner’s rights.