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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Baha’i Student Expelled From University On Grounds Of Religion

Iran-HRM – Baha’i woman, Sogol Zabihi, 21 has been banned from continuing her undergraduate degree because of her Baha’i faith. The graphic undergraduate student at Rasam University of Karaj, found that she could no longer access the university website when she intended to receive the exam entry card in June 2018.

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Iranian Students Arrested During Protests Sentenced To Prison

Iran-HRM – Iranian students arrested during the widespread December/January protests earlier this year have been sentenced to prison terms. The Appeals Court in Tabriz, northwest Iran, on July 10 upheld a two-year sentence against Roya Saghiri and a six-month prison term for Ali Ghadiri. A three-months prison was also upheld by the Appeals Court against Ali Kamrani, a student of …

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US Media: Israel Smuggled Nuclear Plans Out of Tehran

VOA – Israel agents broke into an Iranian warehouse and smuggled out tens of thousands of pages and nearly 200 computer discs on Iranian plans to build a nuclear weapon, U.S. media reports say. The New York Times first reported the story in its Sunday edition. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used these documents, in part, to urge President Donald …

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Iran’s Jamming Of Foreign TV Signals Harmful To People’s Health

Radiofarda – While Persian-speaking satellite channels in Iran have been periodically subject to jamming since 2003, the information and communications technology minister says that equipment for monitoring “jamming signals” has been installed in the city of Shiraz and several other cities across the country.

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