Monday , 24 June 2019

Violent arrest of Mostafa Daneshjoo Sufi Attorney by armed security forces at his mother’s house.

IOPHR – Last night, seven armed agents of Irainian security forces stormed Mostafa Daneshjoo’s maternal home and arrested Mr  Daneshjoo’s  in the presence of his family members by violently breaking down the door of his family home and firing weapons.

According to Majzuban Noor,  Mr Daneshjoo’s elderly mother and his wife and daughter were all taken to a hospital’s emergency room due to injuries they suffered as result of last nights  attack.

Mr Daneshjoo’s is a webmaster of Majghoban Noor website, and a Sufi rights activist, and an attorney at law, who was sentenced to five years imprisonment  for legal representation of  Sufis, in absenteeism in 2011, while he was held in prison. He was released in 2016 after serving his sentence.

According to Majzouban Noor  Mr. Daneshjoo’s  arrest seems to concern a case filed earlier in the year, which is currently directly overseen by  Amin Nasseri, the deputy of the Chief prosecutor of Tehran.

Due to the lack of permission for any form of legal representation for Mr  Daneshjoo, the actual alleged charges and the contents of his case are currently unknown.

Majzouban Noor also has stated that Mr Daneshjoo’s  is currently on a dry hunger strike, to protest of his arrest and treatment,  and has  refused water or food.