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Monthly Archives: May 2018

US sanctions threaten Iran’s high hopes for tourism

Al-Monitor — Iran’s numerous tourist attractions, many of which stem from its rich history and civilization going back thousands of years, have the potential to transform into revenue streams far more sustainable than the country’s vast oil and natural gas reserves. But this potential has remained largely untapped due to unyielding restrictions that deprive visitors of a number of basic …

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Iran: Strikers Threatened By The Head Of The Judiciary

Iran-HRM – On the seventh day of a nationwide Iran trucker’s strike, the Head of the Judiciary, Sadegh Larijani threatened and said that those who intend to exploit certain spaces and thereby endanger the security of the country and the people, should know that the system will not just be watching and will deal with them very hard.

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Larijani To Serve Another Term As Parliament Speaker

Iran-HRM – Iranian MPs re-elected conservative politician Ali Larijani as the Parliament’s speaker May 30. Larijani, who was nominated to be speaker by parliament’s “independent” faction, had to compete against reform camp candidate Mohammad Reza Aref and the hardliners’ nominee for the post, Hamid Reza Hajibabai. Larijani won 147 of the 279 votes cast by the body’s 290 members. Nine …

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