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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Iranians Reluctant To Switch To Regime-backed Apps

Radiofarda – Despite the Islamic Republic’s official ban on the popular messaging app Telegram, few Iranian users have closed their accounts, and some say fake profiles are appearing for them on regime-linked apps created to replace Telegram.

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A Shocking Report On Poverty And Child Renting In The Outskirts Of Tehran

Iran-HRM – The poverty and child renting of the Tehran’s borders are the subjects of a bitter confession made by a government-owned medium. The regime that had originally titled itself as the ‘the hope for the poor’ is the very same regime that has now brought nothing but poverty, unemployment, inflation, and inequality to its people.

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Political Prisoner Soheil Arabi Once Again Banned Of Family Visits

Iran-HRM – Soheil Arabi, a political prisoner held in the Great Tehran Penitentiary, has once again been banned of any visits, reports indicate. Soheil Arabi’s mother went to visit his son today, but after five hours, prison authorities told her that her son is not allowed to have visits and sent her out of prison. The family and relatives of …

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Israeli Leader Seeks To Persuade European Powers That Iran Should Exit Syria

RFL/RE – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will seek support from European powers for his position that Iran should be denied any military presence in Syria. “We believe that there is no place for any Iranian military presence, anywhere in Syria,” Netanyahu told his parliamentary faction in remarks broadcast on May 28. “These things, of course, reflect …

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Has Khamenei signaled dead-end for Iranian regime’s adventures?

The United States’ important policy shift against Iran’s growing ambitions, spelled out in a 12-article speech delivered by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is leaving Tehran’s clerical rulers facing quite a difficult challenge. Iran experts believe these changes are based on two domestic and international pillars, acknowledging the reality of Tehran’s regime as a main threat in regards to its …

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Iran Execution Trends Six Months After the New Anti-Narcotics Law

IRAN HUMAN RIGHTS –  On Monday, May 10, 2018, Iran Human Rights (IHR) reported the execution of Kiomars Nasouhi, a prisoner sentenced to death for drug offenses. This execution is the first drug-related execution registered by IHR since the latest amendment to the Anti-Narcotics Law was enforced on November 14, 2017. According to reports by IHR, at least 77 people, …

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Iran-Israel restraint may hinge on nuclear deal

Al-Monitor – Hostility between Iran and Israel is nothing new, but May 10 marked a high point. Israel reportedly launched a limited missile strike targeting Syria’s Quneitra district. The attack was followed by a series of rockets fired from Syria toward the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Tel Aviv immediately charged Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani with having orchestrated the attack, and …

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