Thursday , 23 September 2021

Iran: Young Inmate Commits Suicide At Zahedan Central Prison

Iran-HRM – Young inmate commits Suicide at Zahedan Central Prison after being transferred to quarantine section.


Mehdi Koohkan, 29, hanged himself after he was transferred to quarantine section of Zahedan Central Prison, and lost his life. He was confined for robbery.

“Mehdi Koohkan was psychologically ill and suffered from problems in his nervous system. He shouted and made noise because of his pains so he was taken to quarantine section where he hanged himself using the strip of her clothing,” said and informed source.

Further reports indicate that prisoners commit suicide due to harsh prison conditions and unbearable pressures in custody.

According to a credible source, tens of inmates have committed suicide at Gohardasht Prison (in Karaj) during the last six months due to dire conditions and uncertainty in their cases for long.

The name of some whose suicide has led to their death is as follow:

  • Qolam Shekari from hall 19 of ward 7
  • Mehdi Ranjbar
  • Mehdi Asadi from hall 11 of ward 4
  • Mohammad Menbari aka Mohammad Lor from hall 3 of ward one
  • Davood Jahangiri aka Davood Sari from hall 18 of ward 6

The latest committed suicide on Friday, May 11, 2018.

In addition to the above mentioned inmates, Ali Ramezi aka Amir Loraz from hall 17 of ward 6 of this prison committed suicide on Sunday, May 13 but fortunately with the on time act of his cellmates he lived and is now hospitalized.