Friday , 3 February 2023

While the Sufis silently await the end of  Dr Noorali Tabandeh’s, the head of the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufis, house-arrest  the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, on their websites such as Fars News, and other covert media like “Mashreq News”, issue “media indictments”!

Shabtabnews – Warnings to the Sufis in Iran and in the rest of the world:

The publication of the “media indictments” against the leader of the Gonabadi Sufis in Fars News and the Mashreq News!

After two months of the illegal house arrest and detention of Dr. Naroorali Tabandeh , the 91-year old leader of Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufis, the enemies of Sufism and Islamic mysticism have taken the opportunity provided by the regime’s imposed silence on the Dr Tabandeh , in order to fill the Iranian media with lies, and fabrications against the Sufis!

Lies such as labelling Sufis as anti-Islamist infiltration groups like ISIS, and Stalinists tactics such as the use of security and judicial institutions to create false narratives against the Sufis and filling the media with fabricated “pseudo-indictments” on intelligence propaganda sites such as Fars News. All these devious plans are connected either to the IRGC  or  Basijs or  the Ministry of Intelligence. In these false narratives not only they try to create false indictments against Dr Tabandeh , but they also try to undermine his spiritual authority by questioning the legitimacy of his spiritual authority through misinformation campaign and articles like, “How did Dr Tabandeh  receive his spiritual authority?”

All these actions are part of darker plot to systematically undermine Sufism (a path of spiritual tolerance and chivalry) through creation of false labels and creation of an atmosphere of hate within the country, by dehumanizing Sufis all over the country. These fictitious narratives are so infused with lies and errors that they include glaring factually inaccuracies, like referring to the death of his Mr Tabandeh ’s young spiritual predecessor as his younger brother, even though in reality his predecessor was his nephew.


The following are excerpts from Iranian regime controlled media sites like Mashreq and Fars News:

Mashreq News, which according to Fars News is the mouthpiece for propaganda of the ruling system in Iran, writes:

In what manner did Noorali, the head of Gonabadi Sufis, become the leader of the Gonabadi Sufis, as he is clearly now the sole winner of his brother’s suspicious death and while all other rivals for the position of the head of the Gonabadi Sufis were discarded.

نور علی تابنده - دراویش گنابادی

According to the Mashreq news:  In February this year, a group of Gonabadi Sufis in the Pasdaran area of Tehran created a chaotic uprising.

This turmoil, which with the timely presence of law enforcement agents was put to rest, also managed to reveal the anti-Iranian regime stance of the members of this Sufi order.”


Discovery of firearms from the group of the Pasdaran Street mob:


Video Confessions to the members of the Sufi order:


Below you can also read a memo that looks at the hidden angles behind the activities of this order as well as its relation to the “restart stream”:


In the last letter addressed to his followers, Noorali Tabandeh , the head of the destructive order of Gonabadi Sufis, made statements that could have been influential many months ago, but its expression at this time, is like spilled oil.


Noorali was the only winner of the suspicious death of his brother, the former young head of the order, and with this dubious death he officially inherited billions of sectarian revenues and assets, and a suitable capacity to earn the donations of well-off followers who are brainwashed, as part of the order, and are geared up for Noorali to abuse, through his position, both financially and sexually. As shown by the case of former Sufi (Sheikh Mazoon), who was school governor of Fars and was subsequently removed from his spiritual position by the order of the Noorali Tabandeh.

In the course of his years as the leader of Gonabadi Sufis, Noorali has shown that he is reluctant to play the role of the old spiritual leaders like his predecessors, as he is governed by his political views and sees Sufi rituals as one of the instruments for his political and economic interactions.


That is why for many years, he allowed corruptions committed my Shekih Mazoon. For if it were not for a lot of complaints from numerous women injured and the widespread level of corruption, he would not have removed Sheikh Mazoon from his position.


But the reason for our review of the issue of Gonabadis and its head, is the statement that Noorali published before the start of the Nowruz holiday. Right in the period when the statement would in all probability would’ve been lost in Nowruz fuss and will likely escape public opinion, especially the attention of the members of his order.


In his recent statement, he mentions the young people who were caught in the onslaught of members of his order, and were murdered in the guard of the Pasdaran, by the hands of Mohammad Salas, a person who was a regular visitor to his house.

In addition to these, in his video message, after the unrest, not only does he not refer to this crime but instead only refers to his own wellbeing and his worry about his followers.

And just a week later, after this video, with the growing pressure of public opinion against the heinous crime of its followers, and only in a written message, her refers to his concerns about the deaths (and does not even acknowledge their martyrdom) of these young people. But he again stops short in mentioning the depth of the catastrophe, and the manner of the crime that has made it hard to identify the bodies, all of which has infuriated public opinion. Ultimately, the Tabandeh inevitably condemns the violence, and points to the martyrdom of the young men, and condemns terrorist sites like “Restart” and eventually denounces the website of Mazjuban-Noor and announces that Mazar-e-Soltani website as the sole reference point for announcing the views of the Sufi order.

Now the question comes to mind; why such a denouncement now? Now after the terrorist movement of “restart” has helped to create a Sufi empire, the Empire for the head of the Sufi order? Now that the enviable group like IRGCs have been attacked by websites like Mazjuban-Noor, which also fuelled Ahmad Shaheed’s (Former UN Special human rights representative) report to the UN against the Iranian Regime, a report fuelled by anti-Iranian sentiments of Arabian countries? Now that Mohammad Salas, a member of his cult, has killed a few young men and wounded dozens of others in the most heinous Daesh (ISIS) like manner?


Perhaps the answer lies in the ISIS type behaviour of the members of the destructive sect of Gonabadis and the unprecedented pressure of public opinion on the leader of the sect, all of which ultimately led him to sacrifice the evil Mazjuban-Noor and “Restart” movements.

But again, the question remains, why now Mr. Tabandeh ?


For over a year the “Restart” movement has been boasting about oncoming of Sufi Empire and the rule of “complete human” over the Muslims, Jews and Christians, with its harassing of citizens, damaging public property, and burning public or sacred places of various religions.

But not only did Mr Tabandeh  ignore these actions, despite the compassionate advice from the regime, to condone the burning of the mosques, which would inevitably come back against the Sufis, but He also even unlocked the path to of “Restart” movement.

As none of the elders of the Sufi order and his representatives were allowed to speak on political affairs, and condemn the “Restart”, and he also never denounced or rejected the “Restart” movement.


On the other hand, it has been about a decade that the Sufi enthusiasts, with the support and guidance of Mr Tabandeh ’s secret and outward personality, were deviously incited, to the extent that they were engaged in violent acts and beatings of citizens in the area of ​​Kavar, where close to 160 innocent and civilian men of the city of Kavar were hospitalised. All of which was then blamed on the regime and sited in the report to Ahmed Shaheed, the Arab and anti-Iranian reporter of the United Nations against Iran. But throughout this time, not only did Mr Tabandeh  keep abreast of the enthusiastic idiosyncrasy, but also kept his eyes shut to the actions of Mazjuban-Noor website.


Now, along the same lines, Mr Tabandeh is still corrupting the mind of his followers and trying to distract the public. Mr Tabandeh knows better than anyone how Mazjuban-Noor is trying to rebuild itself in a new way, and how his criminal follower, Mohammad Salas, in the manner of Islamic terrorists killed his victim’s by running them over. Yet, apparently Mr Tabandeh still wants to support the criminal actions of his followers in silence and calm. If that’s not the case, then it is simply enough for him to announce his views on Mr Salas. Is Mr Salas a cult hero to Mr Tabandeh or a killer!!


More than anything else, it is a matter of evidence that Mustafa Azmayesh, is an official collaborator with expatriate terrorist groups in all circles and parliaments and tribunals that are funded by Gonabadi Sufi money, on behalf of Mr Tabandeh, and he is to do whatever he can against the Iranian regime.


Again, Mr Tabandeh endorses and supports everything through his silence. If this is not so, then Mr Tabandeh should clearly state the relation of Mustafa Azmayesh with the Gonabadi terrorist group? Is he representative of Mr Tabandeh or not? Where does Azmayesh, gets the funds for DorrtTV? And since Mr Tabandeh does not have an official European representative, why did he write a testament and statement of authority for Mustafa Azmayesh?

Mr Tabandeh should respond to these questions as only he is able to provide answers to the above posed questions. Indeed, why does Mr Tabandeh not get rid of all the Sufi masters who have polarized his order or have claims to be his successor and clear them away from the gaze of his disciples, and somehow punish those who have an alleged claim on successorship? We would for example like to point out one of his Sufi masters in the city of Karaj! Is this silence on the matter not simply a covert way to preserve the sect in his family? And for what? Is not one of the reasons for this covert effort the need to keep billions of assets, which he possess by virtue of being the head of the Sufi order? Assets that are unknown to the public, and revenues that have no way of being accessed other than by becoming the leader of the Sufi order!


But today, we have to say to the former lawyer and Judge Mr Tabandeh, “You are no longer hold the positon of an advocate, but instead you sit on the chair of the guilty perpetrator.”


Mr Tabandeh, as a lawyer educated in France, is fully aware of the type of mentally brainwashed and sectarianist followers he leads, and is fully aware of terrorizing and abuse of his followers, types of which have been responsible for many acts of terror in democratic countries of the world. All of which are crimes, and Mr Tabandeh knows that in a country like France he could be punished for his sectarian behaviours; and be sentenced to heavy financial penalties, imprisonment, and social exclusion. Unfortunately, however, there is still a no blanket anti-sectarian laws in Iran, and Mr Tabandeh is thus is free. Even though he knows best of all that in many countries, such as France, Australia, America, China, etc. in order to keep society and people from harms caused by sects such anti-sect laws exists.


Mr Tabandeh knows these examples better than anyone, but it’s not bad to get to know the general opinion:


France: French anti-cult laws were passed by the French parliament in 2001. Based on which a new form of crime (mental manipulation, as a supplement to the previous law) was created and allowed the court to close a sect and pursue its leaders, even if accused of committing a relatively minor crime In implementing this law, and a list of about 27 denominations were included in this field.


The United States explicitly stipulates that American law provides for the possibility of covering crimes and illegal activities in the form of sects, and explicitly stipulates legal penalties.


The Vatican, as leader of the Catholic Christianity, the United Kingdom and other European countries, have also specifically inserted the denomination in their legal terminology.


In the countries of France, Germany, Australia, China, Canada and Russia, a list of illegal denominations has been formally created. Undoubtedly, if decision makers prevent destructive sects and regulate deterrent laws in this area, there will be no similar disasters and harmful harm to society and individuals.


ISIS or Daesh scum and nail hose!               

Although it is unlikely that the leader of the Gonabadi Sufis will be able to answer these questions. However, Hussein Shariatmadari believes that the clashes and riots involving the Sufis were under the pretext of arrest for theft and detention by a private plaintiff, all the while dozens of ISIS agents, with concealed firearms were hiding in corners. Whereas, the rest while carrying their weapons, such as a sword, a knife, a knife hose, etc., travelled to the detention facility at the police station, where one of them rushed a police officer and demanded calmly “That’s It’ only half an hour ago our brother, the thief, was arrested,” and then demanded his release without conditions!


According to the Shariatmadari, what is unfortunate is that these ISIS type groups, which encounter Iranian law enforcement forces, are directly supported by the United States, Israel, Britain, France and the Arab sheikhs of the region, and are part of the dirty muzzle of the world’s powers.

How can a nation and a country like Iran, with this exemplary power and authority tolerate the rebelliousness of a fifth-rate beggar? … According to a film that has been published, this Knight is suddenly turned into a mouse after being arrested!