Tuesday , 7 December 2021

‘We do not work for you,’ Iraqi officials tell advisor to Iran’s Khamenei

AL-Arabia – Iranian politician Ali Akbar Velayati’s statements that Tehran will not allow liberals or civil society activists or anyone who does not fit Tehran’s criteria to return to power sparked Iraqi officials’ outrage.

National Coalition bloc MP Abdul Karim Abtan slammed Velayati and said Iraqis do not work for him.


“We do not work for Velayati or anyone else. We are Iraqis and our national project is Iraqi. Velayati may have power over one or two Iraqi (politicians) but this power will not last,” Abtan told Al-Hadath television channel, adding that they will not allow Velayati to interfere in Iraqi affairs.

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He added that neither the Sunnis nor the Shiites will accept tutelage over Iraq.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Communist Party leader Raid Fahmy said Velayati’s statements mark an interference in Iraqi affairs and violate the constitution. Fahmy also called on Velayati, who is an advisor of Iranian supreme guide Ali Khamenei, to clarify his remarks.

Iraqi politician Izzat Shabandar called on Iraqi Shiites to condemn Velayati’s statements, adding that Velayati always makes statements that embarrass Iran and its Iraqi allies.