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Monthly Archives: February 2018

The situation of Gonabadi Dervishes continue to worsen

According to the latest news, hundreds of Gonabadi Dervishes are injured and arrested. Families and friends have no idea of the whereabouts of their loved ones. Even the private residence of Gonabadi Dervishes around Golestan 7th street is attacked by security forces. There is shocking video evidence of the violence opposed on Gonabadi Dervishes last night, that will most likely go …

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Gonabadi Dervishes suffer heavy casualties as security force increase violence

Security forces are firing openly upon the Gonabadi dervishes who have suffered fatal casualties. Unknown state: Said Mohammed Selas Injured: Said Soltan Poor Mohammadi Kyarash Abasezadeh Saleh Aldin Moradi Mostafa Abdi Arrested: Behnam Nezam Abadi Sajjad Razmi Rasol Hoveyda Avisha Jalal Aldin Mahdi Mahdavi Amir Lebaf Mohammad Reza Qani Zadeh Shahram Shokri Sheyda Ezzati Said Soltan Poor Most recent video …

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Security forces attack the peaceful gathering of Gonabadi Dervishes

Due to the arrest of Mr. Nemat Riyahi on 18th of February and the gathering of Gonabadi Dervishes outside of the police office to either get an answer to why this old man with severe heart disease has been arrested, the gathered crowd of Gonabadi Dervishes were attacked by security forces upon nightfall and pushed back the protesting Dervishes to …

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MP Says Reform Leaders May Soon Be Freed From House Arrest

RFL/RE – Deputy Parliamentary Speaker Ali Motahari says intelligence and judiciary officials have promised to put an end to the house arrest of reformist leaders Mehdi Karroubi, Mir-Hossein Musavi, and his wife Zahra Rahnavard sometime during the next month. “If they are not released, we will start to protest,” the conservative MP told reporters February 17, apparently alluding to the …

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Social Injustice, Cause Of Pervasive Unemployment In Iran

Iran-HRM – Social injustice, cause of pervasive unemployment in Iran introduction The United Nations General Assembly has decided to observe 20 February annually, as the World Day of Social Justice to promote efforts to tackle issues such as poverty, exclusion and unemployment. In Iran, however, employment opportunities have been eliminated due to regime’s destructive economic policies. Sitting on an ocean …

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Zarif: Iran Rejects Outside Control Of Its Missile Program

RFL/RE – Tehran will not place its missile program under international control, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on February 19 in Moscow. U.S. President Donald Trump has threatened to pull out of a landmark 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers unless it is changed to clearly prohibit ballistic missile development, among other changes he is seeking. …

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Hunt for missing Iranian plane resumes in mountainous area

Al-Arabia – Iranian rescue teams resumed their search on Monday for a passenger plane that disappearedhigh in the Zagros mountains the previous day with 66 people onboard, local media reported. State television said the weather had improved after blizzard conditions hampered search efforts Sunday, and that helicopters were now able to take part in the hunt for Aseman Airlines flight EP3704. …

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‘We do not work for you,’ Iraqi officials tell advisor to Iran’s Khamenei

AL-Arabia – Iranian politician Ali Akbar Velayati’s statements that Tehran will not allow liberals or civil society activists or anyone who does not fit Tehran’s criteria to return to power sparked Iraqi officials’ outrage. National Coalition bloc MP Abdul Karim Abtan slammed Velayati and said Iraqis do not work for him. http://vid.alarabiya.net/2018/02/18/iraqi180218/iraqi180218___iraqi180218_video.mp4?versionId=cq7P8ZABb8SWUnjVOqatpYaN1JMAlwic “We do not work for Velayati or anyone …

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Israel, Iran Clash Over Nuclear Threat at Munich Conference

VOA — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that Iran is just years away from having a nuclear bomb. Under pressure back home and facing possible corruption charges, Netanyahu took to the stage at the Munich Security Conference Sunday to deliver a warning about the security of the Middle East region, accusing Iran of posing an existential threat. ​”The nuclear …

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