Saturday , 4 December 2021

Telegram to be unblocked if it accepts Iran’s conditions: Lawmaker

PayvandNews – Behrouz Nemati, spokesman for the parliament’s presiding board, said on Sunday that during a meeting of the parliament it was decided that the Telegram messaging app will be unblocked under certain conditions. Nemati said Telegram’s CEO must accept Iran’s conditions. He added that the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology is tasked with following up on the issue, IRNA reported.

The possibility of permanently filtering telegram in Iran:
“Mother, I think I’ll be staying here for the time being!!”
cartoon by Hadi Lotfi, Iranian daily Ghanoon

Nemati also said because of the country’s situation and measures recently taken by a spiteful website against the Islamic establishment and the fact that it exploited Telegram, the messaging app needs to meet such commitments.

Iran Parliament holds closed-door session on protests
TEHRAN – Mohammad Qasim Osmani, a lawmaker from Bukan, said during the parliament’s special closed-door meeting on Sunday, top security officials assured lawmakers that security and order have been restored after days of protests in some cities and towns. Osmani said the intelligence and interior ministers as well as the deputy commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps briefed the parliament on the protests, ISNA reported.

According to MP Jalal Mirzaee, during the session Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli elaborated on the pros and cons of the protests by presenting statistics, and Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi pointed to the root causes of the phenomenon.

The protest rallies, which turned violent in some cases, first started on December 28 in Mashhad and then spread to some other cities. They died down after a week.

Gholamreza Heydari, a reformist lawmaker in Tehran, also told parliament’s ICANA website that “the security officials confirmed that most of those arrested have been released.”

Mohammad Reza Kachouie, another deputy, also said most of those detained were unemployed people, “without university degrees”.

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