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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Iranian Currency Reaches New Lows As Inflation Remains High

PayvandNews – The value of the Iranian rial has again dropped in recent days, reaching a new record low for the national currency. On November 13, one U.S. dollar was exchanged at 41,100 rials, indicating an increase of more than 500 rials in just under two weeks. The euro showed a similar trend reaching 48,900 rials, jumping more than 1,000 …

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Survivors of Iran quake await badly needed aid, 3 days later

Al-Arabia – Many survivors in Iran were still awaiting badly needed aid on Wednesday, three days after the powerful earthquake along the Iraq border killed more than 530 people and left thousands injured. The delay in getting help to the needy came as public order broke down in many instances where aid was being delivered. Officials said families that were …

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UN resolution calls on Iranian militia fighters to exit Syrian conflict

Al-Arabia – The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution against serious human rights violations in Syria, most notably is their call on Iranian militias to leave Syria. The UN resolution condemned systematic violations and abuses against Syrian civilians since the start of the revolution in 2011. The UN also held the regime accountable for the violence. The resolution demanded …

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Iran to Probe State-built Homes Destroyed by Deadly Quake

VOA —Iranian President Hassan Rouhani launched an investigation Tuesday into why government housing built by his hard-line predecessor collapsed while others withstood a powerful earthquake near the border with Iraq that killed more than 530 people. In the Kurdish town of Sarpol-e-Zahab, which was reconstructed in the decades since the 1980s war with Iraq, the outer walls of apartment complexes …

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Five Prisoners Hanged on Drug Charges in Iran

Iran Human Rights – A prisoner was executed at Bandar Abbas Central Prison on drug related charges and four were executed at Urmia Central Prison on murder charges. Execution in Bandar Abbas (Southern Iran) According to a close source, on the morning of Monday November 13, a prisoner was executed at Bandar Abbas Central Prison. The prisoner, identified as Saber …

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83 Countries Vote to Pass UN Resolution Expressing “Serious Concern” over Human Rights in Iran

CHRI —In an overwhelming sign of international support for human rights in Iran, 83 countries approved a resolution by the UN Third Committee today criticizing the state of human rights in the Islamic Republic. The resolution by the UN’s Third Committee on Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Affairs, while noting progress in some areas, voiced “serious concern” over many areas of …

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Tehran Governor Pleased With His Imaginary Tolerance of Peaceful Protests

CHRI – The governor of Tehran Province, Mohammad Hossein Moghimi, has erroneously declared that since President Hassan Rouhani took office in 2013, protests in Iran’s capital city have been tolerated without the use of force. In reality, since Rouhani became president, police and security forces in Tehran have broken up several peaceful protests and arrested numerous people for taking part …

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Former MP: Preventing Religious Minorities From Running in Iran’s Local Elections Violates Constitutional Rights

CHRI – Passing legislation to restrict the rights of religious minorities in Iran would violate their rights as equal citizens, a prominent reformist former legislator told the Center for Human Rights in Iran. Mohammad Kianoush-Rad, who represented the people of Ahvaz in Khuzestan Province in the 2000-04 parliamentary session, was commenting on the ongoing attempt by Iran’s Shia Guardian Council …

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Europe’s Silence on Human Rights in Iran Encourages Further Abuses

CHRI – November 14, 2017—European governments’ blithe disregard for mounting human rights violations in Iran ever since the signing of the nuclear deal in 2015 is giving a green light to further rights abuses in the country. This approach has emboldened Iran’s security establishment to intensify its rights violations in the country, imprison more dual nationals for use as bargaining …

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