Tuesday , 6 June 2023

Iran: Prominent Wrestler Executed on Vague Charges

Iran Human Rights – A prominent wrestler in Iran was reportedly hanged at Kermanshah’s Dizel Abad Prison on the morning of Thursday May 25 on vague charges.

According to the state-run news agency Tabnak, the prisoner’s name is Hojatollah Tadro. Prior to his execution, he competed in multiple national championships and was a member of the national team. The official sources in Iran have not announced the reason for the execution, but Radio Zamaneh has reported that Hojatollah was sentenced to death for the “rape of an inmate”, after he was already imprisoned for several years.

A source close to Hojatollah says he was the victim of a conspiracy and never committed the crime thas he was charged with. The charge that led to Hojatollah’s imprisonment is not known.

Two days before Hojatollah’s execution, two prisoners were hanged at Dizel Abad Prison. The prisoners are Mehran Ashrafi, executed on murder charges, and Mehrdad Asgari, executed on drug related charges.