Sunday , 5 December 2021

Young Iranians protest over ‘harsh lashings’ by police

AlArabia – Young Iranians accused of breaking their country’s moral codes have been uploading photos on social media of injuries sustained from lashings by police.
The Facebook page My Stealthy Freedom, which usually known for posting photos of Iranian women without their headscarf, showed photos of the harsh punishments after young Iranians were caught in mixed-gendered parties.

A party where unmarried couples attend, especially if alcohol is involved, is strictly forbidden by Iran’s religious police.

One photo showed a 28-year-old woman’s severely bruised back after she was arrested by authorities. She was lashed 80 times as punishment for attending a party where men were present in the city of Mashhad nearly two years ago.
Iranian activist Masih Alinejad first posted the photo of the woman’s back a week ago with the hashtag #NotoLashes, which then gained traction by international media outlets like The New York Times and France24.