Saturday , 25 September 2021

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Iran: Baluch Younes and Abdullah Totazehi Executed in Birjand

Iran Human Rights (IHR) – Younes Totazehi and Abdullah Totazehi, two Baluch men who were on death row for drug-related charges, have been executed in Birjand Central Prison. According to the Baluch Activists Campaign, two Baluch men were executed in Birjand Central Prison yesterday morning. Younes and Abdullah Totazehi, both Zahedan natives and uncle and nephew, were sentenced to death …

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Rouhani claims US has agreed to lift key Iran sanctions

Al-Monitor – President Hassan Rouhani declared that an agreement in principle has been reached with the United States under which Washington will remove a series of crippling sanctions against Tehran. At a televised Cabinet meeting May 20, Rouhani said the relief will cover oil and petrochemical industries, shipping, insurance and banking sectors. The Iranian president noted there are only some details that need …

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Washington is Misreading Iranian Politics

newsweek – The Biden administration’s outreach to Iran is in full swing. A third of a year into its tenure, the new White House appears to be pulling out all the stops in its efforts to reengage with Tehran, and to demolish the “maximum pressure” policy of its predecessor in the process. That policy reversal has already entailed major political …

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Iran ‘dangerous’ for world peace by targeting Israel, Bush says, warning 2-state solution ‘very difficult’

foxnews EXCLUSIVE: Former President George W. Bush told Fox News on Wednesday that Iran is “dangerous” for stability in the Middle East and the world, while warning that a two-state solution amid the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will be “very difficult at this stage.” In an exclusive interview with Fox News about his new book, “Out of Many, One: Portraits of America’s Immigrants,” Bush highlighted the story of Mariam Memarsadeghi …

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The Islamic Republic’s war on Israel

washingtontimes – Iran’s rulers fund, arm and instruct Hamas, which rules Gaza, and has fired more than 3,000 rockets at Israeli cities and villages over recent days. Iran’s rulers fund, arm and instruct Hezbollah, which dominates Lebanon, a state now sinking into abject poverty. Iran’s rulers fund, arm and instruct Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator who has killed hundreds of thousands of …

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Diplomats Report Progress In Iran Nuclear Talks In Vienna

RFL/RE – Senior diplomats from multiple countries have reported progress in talks to revive the 2015 accord on Iran’s nuclear weapons and persuade the United States to rejoin the landmark agreement.Negotiators held a new round of discussions on May 19 in Vienna to try and find common ground between Tehran and Washington and renew the deal, which was put on …

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Reality Check: Ebrahim Raeesi’s Record in Fighting Corruption

Iranwire – Chief justice Ebrahim Raeesi’s is standing for election as president on a “fighting corruption” ticket. For months now, powerful media outlets close to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the office of the Supreme Leader have been portraying Raeesi as a trailblazer against nepotism and embezzlement within the rank and file. The reality, though, is a little different. …

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Cherry Trees in the Shahdad Desert: A Prisoner’s Reflections on the Afkari Brothers

Iranwire – Mohammad Ali Zahmatkesh is a teachers’ unionist from Fars province, currently being held in Adelabad Prison in Shiraz after a Revolutionary Court found him guilty of “propaganda against the regime” and “insulting the authorities” and gave him an eight-month prison sentence. He is also a fellow inmate of Habib Afkari, one of three brothers arrested for allegedly taking part in protests in 2018. Habib’s …

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Iraq Mediators Join Israeli-Saudi Arabia Talks on Normalizing Relations

VOA – In recent months, Iraqi mediators have been working patiently behind the scenes to try to bring about a diplomatic rapprochement between long-time adversaries Iran and Saudi Arabia. No immediate breakthrough appears on the horizon, though. Iraqi President Barham Salih has told Arab media that improved ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia would be beneficial for Baghdad and the …

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