Monday , 27 May 2024

Paris Police Detain Man Following Threats at Iran’s Consulate

Iranwire – French authorities detained a man on Friday who threatened to detonate himself at Iran’s consulate in Paris. 

According to a police source speaking to Reuters, the man was spotted entering the consulate around 11 a.m. (0900 GMT) carrying what seemed to be a grenade and an explosive vest. As a precaution, the police cordoned off the area.

The individual later left the consulate, and upon being searched, authorities found no explosives on him, confirmed another police source.

According to reports from Le Parisien newspaper’s website, several witnesses observed the man dragging flags across the consulate floor and expressing a desire to avenge his brother’s death.

The connection between this incident and the ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel remains unclear.

Earlier on Friday, explosions reverberated over the Iranian city of Isfahan, reportedly from an Israeli attack, as per sources. However, Tehran downplayed the incident and indicated no intention for retaliatory action, possibly aiming to prevent broader conflict in the region.