Monday , 27 May 2024

Iran Warns of Nuclear Policy Shift if Israel Threatens Atomic Sites

Iranwire – A senior official of the Islamic Republic has warned that Iran could “review” its nuclear doctrine if attacked by Israel.

“A review of our nuclear doctrine and politics, as well as considerations previously communicated, is entirely possible,” said Ahmad Haghtalab, the IRGC commander in charge of nuclear security, on Thursday.

“If the Zionist regime takes action against our nuclear centers and facilities, we will surely and categorically retaliate with advanced missiles against their own nuclear sites,” Haghtalab added.

Indirect discussions between Tehran and Washington aimed at reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear deal have been at a standstill since 2022.

The agreement, designed to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, required Tehran to adhere to limitations on its nuclear activities and undergo thorough inspections by the United Nations.

In return, the deal promised the lifting of sanctions imposed by the U.N., European Union, and the United States.

Meanwhile, Iranian Navy Commander Shahram Irani also stated that Iran’s navy would escort its commercial ships to the Red Sea, positioning Iranian warships directly at Israel’s doorstep.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran is carrying out a mission to escort our commercial ships, and currently, the Jamaran destroyer is present in the Gulf of Aden with full strength,” he said.

“We escort our ships from the Gulf of Aden to the Suez Strait and are ready to protect the ships of other countries as well.”

“For a long time, the balance of power in the region has changed despite the resistance force. Today, with the operation of True Promise, it was proven to everyone that Muslims are united in supporting the oppressed and confronting the oppressor,” he added.