Wednesday , 25 May 2022

U.A.E. Intercepts Two Missiles Fired At Abu Dhabi In Further Escalation Of Conflict In Yemen

RFL/RE – The United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) intercepted and destroyed two Huthi ballistic missiles targeting the capital of the Gulf country on January 24, the Defense Ministry said.

There were no casualties and the remnants of the intercepted missiles fell in separate areas around Abu Dhabi, the ministry said.

The military spokesman for the Iran-aligned Huthis, Yahya Sarea, said the ballistic missiles targeted the Al-Dhafra air base in Abu Dhabi.

Sarea said the group had also targeted other vital areas in Dubai using drones, without specifying those targets.

The missile attack was the second against the U.A.E. since a Huthi strike last week that hit a fuel depot in Abu Dhabi, killing three people, and causing a fire near its international airport.

The strike represented a major escalation in the conflict in Yemen.

It triggered a series of air strikes on Yemen, including one that hit a detention center run by Huthi rebels, killing at least 82 people and wounding scores of others.

The Saudi-led coalition said the Huthis hadn’t reported the site to the United Nations and the International Committee of the Red Cross as restricted from air strikes.

The violence prompted the United States and the United Nations to call for a de-escalation in the conflict pitting the Saudi-led military coalition against the Huthis.

The Saudi-led coalition, which includes the U.A.E., intervened in Yemen in March 2015 months after the Huthis ousted the internationally recognized government from Sanaa.

Saudi Arabia and the United States have long accused Iran of supplying military hardware to the Huthis, including parts for drones and missiles. Tehran denies charges it gives financial and military aid to the group.

The U.S. Navy last week seized a boat in the Gulf of Oman carrying fertilizer used to make explosives as it traveled from Iran along a route previously used to smuggle weapons to Yemen’s Huthi rebels.

The navy said it boarded and searched the ship after intercepting it in international waters.

Based on reporting by Reuters and AFP