Friday , 30 July 2021

IOPHR Statement in regards to commemorating the brutal massacre that followed the November 2019 peaceful protests!

Shabtabnews – In a statement commemorating the massacre that followed the November 2019 peaceful protests IOPHR stated : “It should also be noted that although the Islamic Republic has a long history of slaughter, repression and massacres in its forty-year record, what distinguishes the November 2019 massacre from the other recorded cases, is the deliberate and brutal targeting of Iranian youth and in particular teenagers. Some of whom were shot and killed directly by the security forces whilst on their way back from school.”

IOPHR also invited ” all free-thinking Iranians around the world, regardless of their beliefs and ideals, to distance themselves and show their abhorrence in regards to this act. Through an international campaign that condemns this illegal act in the eyes of the international community and thus help to eradicate this sinister day from the Iranian cultural calendar.”

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