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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Public Enemy: Islamic Republic’s Coronavirus Disinformation

Radiofarda – Mark Dubowitz and Saeed Ghasseminajad of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies have done an investigation of the Iranian regime’s disinformation campaign to minimize the real impact of the coronavirus pandemic and blame the United States for their failures in confronting the health crisis. A campaign designed for internal and external audiences, following a very clear objective: Sanctify …

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Ukraine Set To Sue Iran In International Courts Over Downed Airliner

Radiofarda – Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Yevhen Yenin says Kyiv is preparing to file a lawsuit against the Islamic Republic in international courts over Tehran’s lack of cooperation after the downing of a Ukrainian passenger plane in January. Speaking to Radio Farda on Tuesday, July 7, Yenin asserted that since the tragedy occurred 180 days ago, Iran’s cooperation in …

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Two Inmates Die in Coronavirus Catastrophe in Karaj Central Prison

Iran-HRM – Two prisoners have died of the coronavirus in Karaj Central Prison, and at least 11 others were taken to the hospital after being infected and were not returned to prison in a health crisis that was predictable and preventable. The high infection rates have hit the prison where is dangerously overcrowded and prisoner are unable to maintain distance …

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IRNA: Explosion Near Iran’s Capital Kills 2, Damages Factory

VOA – Two people were killed in an explosion at a factory in the south of Tehran, state news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday, in the latest in a series of fires and explosions, some of which have hit sensitive sites.    “Human error was the cause of the blast in a factory… Two people were killed and three others were …

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Atena Daemi Begins New Prison Sentence on Day She Was to Be Freed

CHRI – More New Cases Opened Against Daemi, Maryam Akbari Monfared, Leila Hosseinzadeh and other Prisoners Despite completing a five-year prison sentence for her peaceful activism, civil rights activist Atena Daemi continues to be held in prison following the enforcement of a new bogus conviction that would keep her behind bars for two more years, the Center for Human Rights in Iran …

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Mount Damavand Day: The iconic mountain is grappling with environmental issues

PayvandNews – Mount Damavand, the highest peak in Iran, is located northeastern Tehran, but today, it is facing many environmental problems and challenges. Environmental enthusiasts believe that with the inclusion of Damavand National Day in the official calendar of the country, more attention should be paid to this unique natural phenomenon, while unfortunately no action has been taken so far. …

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Currency crisis impoverishes Iranians, strains economic defenses

Reuters – Desperate to afford her daughter’s overseas university fees, 58-year-old retired Iranian teacher Maryam Hosseini withdrew all her savings from the bank to buy U.S. dollars.People wear protective face masks as they look at the electronic currency board at Ferdowsi square in Tehran, Iran July 2, 2020. Picture taken July 2, 2020. Mohamadreza Nadimi/WANA (West Asia News Agency) via …

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Iran COVID Daily Toll Rises To Unprecedented 200, 70 Victims Buried In Tehran

Radiofarda – For the first time since February, Iran’s official death toll on Tuesday reached 200 while according to the Chairman of Tehran City Council over the last 24-hour reporting period 70 died in the capital Tehran alone. In her daily briefing, Dr. Sima-Sadat Lari, Health Ministry Spokesperson, said death of 200 COVID-19 patients has been confirmed on the basis …

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Iran’s Judiciary Says Many Licensed Exporters Were ‘Fake Entities’

Radiofarda – Judicial Deputy of Tehran Prosecutor on Monday said many of the exporters flagged by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) for not transferring currency earnings to the government FOREX system cannot be identified or are “fake entities”. Speaking on a state-run television program on Monday, Mohammad-Reza Sahebi said some of the people whose names are seen on government …

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