Friday , 12 April 2024

Large Fire In Tehran Commercial Area Engulfs Warehouses

Radiofarda – Tehran’s fire department says a huge blaze broke out this morning in a large commercial area housing depots for various manufactured goods.

The local ISNA new website quoted a fire department official who said the blaze started before 11:00 am and fire trucks rushed to the scene at Fadaiyan-e-Islam Street within minutes. They discovered a warehouse and docks covering 3,000 sq. meters (33,000 sq. feet) engulfed in flames. The main blaze covered an area of 700 sq. meters.

As of early afternoon, firefighters were still battling the blaze. There are so far no reports of human casualties.

Iran has experienced many fires and explosions in the last two months, raising suspicions of deliberate destruction. Forest fires and fires at industrial sites have been frequent. However, incidents at or near military sites have raised more serious questions.

An explosion and fire at the highly-guarded uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, central Iran, on July 2 was attributed to some sort of attack or sabotage even by government officials who are usually keen to attribute such incidents to accidents.

Theories about the cause of the Natanz incident range from a possible cyberattack by Israel to internal sabotage and even a cruise missile strike.