Friday , 19 July 2024

Body of Judge Found Dead In Romania Repatriated To Iran Along With Report

Radiofarda – A website close to Iran’s Supreme National Security Council reported Wednesday that the body of Judge Gholamreza Mansouri who was found dead in Bucharest last month was delivered to Iran on Tuesday.

According to Nour News, the Romanian Police has also submitted a 29-page report to Iranian authorities. However, the website claims that they have so far refused to submit the footage from the cameras of the Bucharest hotel where Mansouri was found dead on June 19 while under observation by the police. He fell from the upper floors of the hotel but its is not clear if there was foul play.

The website said withholding the footage “strengthens suspicions surrounding the case” but did not explain what type of suspicions it was referring to.

The Telegram channel of the Revolutionary Guard-affiliated Fars News Agency on Wednesday quoted the brother of Judge Mansouri as saying that the family had not been informed of the arrival of the body.SEE ALSO:Exclusive: What Fugitive Iran Judge Told A Court In Romania Before His Mysterious Death

Mansouri was wanted in Iran for corruption and was pursued in Germany for human rights violationsIranian authorities filed a case for his extradition on June 11 for complicity in setting up a criminal group and taking bribes.

Judge Mansouri had allegedly escaped prosecution in Iran for corruption including taking 500,000 euros in bribes and had been visiting Germany before going to Romania.

The news about Mansouri’s presence in Europe before his death prompted Iranian human rights activists and Amnesty International to demand his arrest for detaining, torturing and jailing dozens of Iranian journalists.

Romanian Police have not yet clearly stated whether the judge committed suicide or was the victim of a homicide. His brother claims that the judge had told the family that he was worried about his safety and may have been assassinated.

Some lawmakers including Mojtaba Zolnouri, Chairman of the Parliament’s Foreign Policy and National Security Committee, have claimed that Mansouri may have fallen victim to “a terrifying gang in the Judiciary”.

Mansouri himself told the Romanian court questioning him regarding Iran’s demand for his extradition that he was innocent of the corruption charges and had only carried out the orders coming from another judge.