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Iran Military Suggests US Disruption Of Radar Caused Downing Of Airliner As New Video Emerges

Radiofarda – Several high-ranking officials have made statements about possible American “disruption of Iran’s radar network” and “cyberattacks” that appear to be in preparation of a new official scenario to explain the missile attack on a Ukrainian airliner on January 8. Ahmad Jannati, the hardliner Chairman of the Guardian Council on Wednesday said the possibility of “enemy sabotage” is being …

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Iran Student Protests Continue In Universities On Fourth Day

Radiofarda – Reports and videos on social media on Tuesday show students in several universities in Tehran continuing their protests against the regime on a fourth day with slogans against the Supreme Leader, the Revolutionary Guard and the Basij militia. A video from Shahid Beheshti University showed pro-regime students on one side and the protesting students on the other chanting …

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Newly Released Photos Show A ‘Missile City’ In Iran

Radiofarda – Iran’s Tasnim news website close to the Revolutionary Guard has published new photos it claims to show “missile cities”, where “solid fuel” rockets are housed. Tasnim also said that out of 15 missiles fired at U.S. bases in Iraq on January 8, two fell on Iranian territory, apparently due to technical malfunction. The release of photos by Tasnim …

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Why Did the Elimination of Qassem Soleimani Decrease US-Iran Tensions?

Radiofarda – When the specter of war is on the rise between two or multiple nations, there are two general ways to deescalate and reduce tensions: use of diplomatic channels and employing a policy of deterrence. The channels of diplomacy are currently closed between the United States and Iran. Even if some diplomatic channels were available, the necessity of deterrence …

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Iran arrests person behind viral plane attack video: Report

Al-Arabia – Iran said it has arrested the person who filmed the footage showing a Ukrainian passenger plane being shot down by a missile, the BBC reported on Tuesday. Iran announced on Saturday that its military “unintentionally” shot down the Ukrainian jetliner on January 8, killing all 176 aboard, after the government had repeatedly denied Western accusations that it …

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Iranian cleric says UK ambassador better expelled than ‘chopped into pieces’

Al-Arabia – Prominent hardline Iranian cleric Ayatollah Ahmad Alamolhoda said expelling the UK ambassador would be “the best thing that can happen to him” as otherwise loyal supporters of slain IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani would “chop him to small pieces.” Alamolhoda is the leader of Friday prayers in the eastern Shia Muslim holy city of Mashhad. His remarks were …

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No aid reaching victims as floods ravage southeast Iran

Iran-HRM – Unprecedented floods have claimed at least four lives and caused severe damages to cities and villages since early January in the impoverished province of Sistan and Baluchestan in south east Iran. The floods have affected 500 villages and 14 towns in the province alone and 20,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed. Director General of Sistan and Baluchestan …

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Iran’s Chief Justice Warns Protesters as Protests Spread Across the Country

Iran-HRM – Iranian authorities warned protesters not to stage further protests, as  major street demonstrations continue over the shootdown of a Ukrainian passenger airliner. Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s Chief Justice, issued a warning to protesters on Monday, saying “the agents of America and agents of foreign countries” want to use anger over Flight 752 to “compromise” Iran’s security. The protests broke out after …

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Judiciary Official says 30 Protesters Arrested Amid Protests after Ukrainian Plane Crash

Iran-HRM – A judiciary official announced that 30 people were arrested during the vigils and protests over the Iranian military’s shooting down of a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people on board.During a news conference today the judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili announced that 30 people have been arrested so far during the recent protests, Iranian judiciary’s Mizan news agency reported. …

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