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At least 18 dead during break up of Iraq’s Karbala protests: Medical sources

Al-Arabia – At least 18 people were killed during the break up of a sit-in by protesters in Iraq’s Karbala early Tuesday morning, medical sources told Al Arabiya. Demonstrators accused security forces of running over protesters and shooting live gunfire to disband the sit-ins fueled by anger at corruption, economic stagnation and poor public services. Earlier reports said that at …

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Argentina’s Grossi elected as UN’s nuclear watchdog head

AL-Arabia – Argentina’s Rafael Grossi was elected on Tuesday to head the UN’s nuclear watchdog, which is tasked in particular with monitoring the implementation of the increasingly shaky Iran nuclear deal. “With Rafael Grossi securing a qualified majority in the board of governors, IAEA has taken a decisive step towards electing its director general,” Xavier Sticker, the French ambassador to …

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Iran Sentences Three Bahais to 20 Years for Their Religious Beliefs

Iran-HRM – – The Revolutionary Court in Iran’s Semnan Province has sentenced three members of the Bahai religious minority to a total of 20 years in jail on national security charges. The Bahais, Ardeshir Fanaian, Yalda Firouzian and Behnam Eskandarian, has been charged with “acting against national security through propagation and organized activities” and “membership in illegal groups acting against …

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Iran Continues to Prevent Political Prisoner’s Transfer to Hospital

Iran-HRM – Prison authorities continue to refuse to allow political prisoner Arash Sadeghi to receive proper medical treatment in a hospital outside the prison. Arash Sadeghi has lost the ability to move his right hand due to an infection on his shoulder that has been left untreated in Rajai Shahr Prison. He needs to receive treatment from a doctor outside the prison, …

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Iran Executed Young Man Sentenced as Juvenile

PayvandNews – Authorities in the central prison of Karaj executed a prisoner for a murder he allegedly committed when he was 16. The authorities executed 21-year-old Saeed Mohammadi on Friday, October 25. As in previous cases, the execution has not been published in the state-run press and media. Iran is one of only four countries known to have executed child offenders since 2013.  …

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Netanyahu Accuses Iran of Seeking Means to Hit Israel from Yemen

VOA — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of seeking means to launch missiles at Israel from Yemen, where Tehran supports Houthi rebels. Netanyahu made the remark during a visit by a U.S. delegation, including presidential adviser Jared Kushner and U.S. secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchin. Netanyahu is calling for tougher sanctions against Iran. Netanyahu spoke of Iran’s …

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Iran Releases Seven Political Prisoners on Bail Without Explanation

CHRI – Six Prisoners Posted Extraordinarily High Bail, Unclear Why Fellow Prisoners of Conscience Remain Jailed A Christian convert, four journalists and two activists were released from prisons in Iran on October 26, 2019, without any public announcement as to who ordered their long-sought release or why others who’d been imprisoned under similar circumstances were kept behind bars. Christian convert Ebrahim …

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Intelligence Ministry Pressures Family Members to Cut Ties with Religious Scholar Who Criticized Supreme Leader

CHRI – Agents Install Surveillance Camera Outside Dr. Ali Asghar Gharavi’s Home Relatives and associates of moderate opposition activist Ali Asghar Gharavi, a prominent religious scholar, have come under increasing intimidation tactics by Iran’s Intelligence Ministry, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned. “The last family member to be summoned and questioned was my daughter, Marjan; they …

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How Iran sees the Russia-Turkey deal on northeastern Syria

Al-Monitor – Two weeks after the Oct. 9 start of Turkey’s Operation Peace Spring in northeastern Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met in Sochi to discuss ways to resolve mutual concerns about the situation in Syria and how to stabilize it. At the end of their meeting on Oct. 22, the two leaders announced a deal to halt the further advance of Turkish …

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