Sunday , 21 April 2024

How Does U.S. Find Out About Iranian ‘Guerrillas In Suits’

Radiofarda – Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani once called on Iranian diplomats to be “guerrillas in suits”. He borrowed this expression from a former U.S. official and currently a research scholar Richard Nephew, who was involved in developing the first round of U.S. sanctions on Iran in early 2010’s.

While Nephew described his colleagues, who worked on applying the sanctions “guerrillas in suits,” Larijani used the same expression for Iranians who worked hard to lift or circumvent the same sanctions.

As the new sanctions came into effect on Monday, a hardliner member of the Iranian parliament, Ahmad Amirabadi Farahni asked, “Who handed this information to the enemy?” He was referring to hundreds of individuals and companies on the U.S. sanctions’ list. Farahani, who represents the religious city of Qom, called on Iranian intelligence to find out.

Meanwhile, he admitted in a tweet that “This list includes almost everyone and every organization that helped Iran to circumvent the previous rounds of sanctions.”

Brigadier general Hossein Salami, second-in-command of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.