Tuesday , 27 July 2021

A Shocking Report On Poverty And Child Renting In The Outskirts Of Tehran

Iran-HRM – The poverty and child renting of the Tehran’s borders are the subjects of a bitter confession made by a government-owned medium. The regime that had originally titled itself as the ‘the hope for the poor’ is the very same regime that has now brought nothing but poverty, unemployment, inflation, and inequality to its people.

By Mahmoud Hakamian

In this report, which was published on the 16th May 2018, a social worker describes the painful circumstances of a family in which the grandmother takes care of the 2.5 and 4 year-old children of her recently deceased daughter; the 22 year old daughter who got married at 12, committed suicide after 10 miserable years with a drug addict husband, who had turned her to addiction too.

The 2.5-year-old boy, Meysam, asks the social worker: “Are you going to take me with you? What about Mahnaz? You’ll take her too, right?”.

The social worker explains how Meysam constantly thinks that he’s going to be taken by the visitors; to beg for money, whilst struggling with hunger and thirst.

Meysam, who witnessed his mother’s suicide just two months ago, fears things that we can’t even imagine.

The father of Meysam and Mahnaz, is a drug addict who hardly ever visits them and on the rare occasions that he does, it’s just to take them out for beggary.

According to another part of the report:

Bumehen, which is a district in Pardis County and 50 kilometres away from Tehran, seems like a completely neglected place…a place where every corner is saturated with poverty and addiction; a place where children are either unidentified, addicted, married, or suffering from some kinds of a social problem. A place where Ali, an addicted infant, was found in a lot of pain not so long ago. Here, many other children like Ali, Meysam, and Mahnaz, are either at the risk of addiction, or are already suffering from it.

Most houses in this place are built on heights; one of them, which is a 12-meter room, is the home to a family that makes its living on garbage and waste. Every day, the woman of this family collects and sells the garbage piles from the front of the house. The man of the family, who is unable to leave home due to a car accident from some years ago, says that he pays the council 500000 Toman per month, just for a permission to collect garbage; whilst his family earns only 20000 or 30000 Toman a day, at most.

These are just a few of the many existing problems that the corrupt and oppressive regime has created for Iranians. Problems that can be forgotten with time, only if people rise and destroy the regime.