Monday , 5 June 2023

Khamenei criticizes Rouhani: We rushed in the nuclear deal -Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei criticized the opening-up policy pursued by the president, Hassan Rouhani, about the nuclear file stating that: “The west side is not committed to this agreement, while some Iranian officials rushed to sign it.”

According to Tasnim news agency; during a meeting with the Iranian Army Navy leaders on Sunday, Khamenei commented on the decision of the US House of Representatives to extend the sanctions for ten other years on Iran, saying that “despite the negotiations on the lifting of sanctions, the US Congress has chosen to extend it, under the pretext that is only a continuation of the previous ban and not a new one.”
He added: “There is no difference between imposing a new ban or resuming one that has lapsed, the second is an explicit negation of what has been agreed upon previously by the Americans.”
In the light of the recent decision of the United States to extend the sanctions against Iran, the Iranian leader has threatened to retaliate, saying that their decision is a violation of the nuclear deal.
The House of Representatives approved on the 15th of November, with a majority of 419 votes all in favor of extending the sanctions on Iran for ten other years, because of its continuous support of terrorism and violation of UN resolutions by developing and testing ballistic missiles.
The Republicans who now dominate both houses of the Congress confirm that the President-elect Donald Trump and his upcoming office will be firm and sturdy towards the Iranian regime.
Republicans assert that the president-elect Donald Trump plans to amend the nuclear deal with Iran, in line with the spirit of the agreement which prevents Tehran from producing nuclear weapons, and deter its intervention in regional policy which will hinder its support for terrorism.
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