Sunday , 5 December 2021

Potential Secretary of State John Bolton calls for regime change in Iran  – Former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, and one of the top contenders for Foreign Secretary in the new Cabinet, called for a regime change in Iran. He has repeatedly urged the overthrow of the existing regime in Tehran.

In an interview published by the Huffington Post on Thursday, Bolton said that the US face the challenges of Iran, the region, and the world, adding: “The only long-term solution is to change the regime in Tehran.”

Bolton, who endorsed Trump and supported his views on the nuclear agreement with Iran, emphasized his position, stating: “I am not saying that the overthrow of the Iranian regime will solve all the problems of the region, but it will annihilate the threat.”

Bolton openly criticized the current US President Barack Obama’s attitude towards Tehran.

Bolton said that the Iranian people asked Obama for help during the protests of 2009, and demanded his support, yet the US president did not do anything to defend the Iranian people.

The former US ambassador to the United Nations punctuated that “the mullahs /clergymen in Tehran are the greatest menaces to peace and stability in the region and the world.”

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