Thursday , 16 September 2021

Tens of Iranians, Pakistanis and Afghans killed in Syria battles -Three Iranian military personnel and dozens of the Islamic Republic militias have been killed in recent clashes in Syria’ northwestern Aleppo province, according to media reports.

More than a dozen of religiously devout Shiite militants from Afghanistan and Pakistan, in addition to three Iran’s Revolutionary Guard soldiers were killed east Aleppo, Iran’s local media reported.

The new casualties follow the killing of Iran’s state television reporter, Mohsin Khozaia in Aleppo on Saturday. Khozaia was criticized for inciting sectarianism in his journalism.

Meanwhile, “Idlib Free Army” recently released a video showing an attack targeting a group of Iranian militias with a thermal rocket killing and injuring scores of them.

Iran’s battlefield losses continue to rise in Syria as high ranking officers were killed during recent Aleppo clashes. Some of them were identified as: Brigadier General Hadi Zahid, a commander of the elite IRCG Quds Force, Major General Zaikr Hussein of the Special Units and Brigadier General Mohamm Ali Mohammed Hosseini, a commander of the Commandos Unit.

Farsi speaking media outlets estimate the number of IRGC forces killed in Syria to exceed 3,000.

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