Thursday , 16 September 2021

Iran’s Parliament Speaker Advises Against Hasty Remarks About Trump

PayvandNews  – Iran’s parliament speaker has advised against making premature remarks about U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, stressing it should be left to the Iranian Foreign Ministry to take a clear stance on his presidency.

Ali Larijani made the remarks on Sunday at a session wherein more than 100 legislators had participated.

“Analyses and remarks about the U.S. president-elect should be more mature, and hasty remarks and premature judgments should be avoided until the Foreign Ministry takes a transparent stance,” ICANA quoted him as saying.

Larijani didn’t cite names.

Trump’s Advisor: “Opposition should give Trump time.”
cartoon by Mehdi Azizi, Iranian daily Shargh

Senior religious scholar Ayatollah Alamalhoda had said in a Friday sermon that it would make no difference a “donkey” or “elephant” would be the U.S.’s next president./p>

“It makes no difference whether a donkey or elephant rules the U.S.,” he said.

In making the comments, the cleric was referring to the “the Democrat donkey” and “Republican elephant” historical connotations associated with the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S.

Also, another cleric Mehdi Qoreishi, top provincial cleric in the province of West Azerbaijan, had branded Trump’s election as the most disgusting election in the history of the U.S.

“The election of Trump as president is the most shameful election in the history of the U.S. …,” he has said.

Also, Ahmad Khatami, top Friday prayer preacher in Tehran, laid into Trump for calling the Iranian people terrorists during his campaigns, saying he should know better than to play with “the tail of the lion.”

Trump, Clinton not different: Aref
Mohammad Reza Aref, head of the Hope parliamentary group, has said Hillary Clinton would have not been different from Donald Trump as the president of the United States.

Mohammad Reza Aref
Speaking to Mehr on Sunday, Aref said the two would follow the same foreign policy. “We should follow our own national interests. We will not back down on our rights.”

Elsewhere, Aref talked about the Hope faction’s activities, saying the group will not get derailed on side issues.