Tuesday , 24 April 2018

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Cautious Debate In Iran Follows Russia’s Use Of Military Base

RFL/RE – Russia’s use of Iranian territory to launch air strikes in Syria this week has sparked cautious debate in Iran, where open discussions of sensitive foreign policy issues are rare and perceived affronts to national sovereignty could weigh heavily on a regime founded on promises to kick out foreign meddlers. Iranian officials have said that the unprecedented move, which deepens …

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INU – Last week, the US State Department released its annual religious freedom report and once again highlighted the ongoing persecution of minorities in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The report was mentioned on Monday by the Pakistani news network Baaghi TV, in the context of a brief article detailing the Iranian government’s rejection of the State Department conclusions. As …

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US Military Says There Are 80,000 Iranian-Backed Fighters In Iraq

dailycaller – As many as 80,000 Iranian-backed militia are currently fighting Islamic State in Iraq, according to a U.S. Army spokesman. Col. Christopher Garver, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, confirmed to Fox News that of the 100,000 Shiite militia fighters operating in Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMUs), 80 percent are backed directly by the Islamic Republic of Iran. “The [Iranian-backed] …

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Iran planning to indict U.S. citizen

washingtonexaminer – Iran is expected to indict a detained U.S. citizen on charges of acting against the country’s national security interests, according to a Foreign Desk report late Wednesday. The Iranian government claims Gholamreza Shahini, 46, participated in the 2009 Green Revolution and worked with the Voice of America news outlet in order to undermine the government. The State Department would …

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Russia defends using Iran base for Syria air raids

aljazeera – Moscow says use of airbase does not violate a UN resolution that prohibits supplying fighter jets to Tehran. Russia has said its use of an Iranian airbase to carry out bombing missions in Syria does not violate a UN resolution that forbids supplying fighter jets to Tehran. “There has been no supply, sale or transfer of combat jets to …

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