Thursday , 21 October 2021

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Investigation: How Tehran Supported Bashar al-Assad’s Presidential Campaign in Syria

iranwire – The Iranian regime has been openly supportive of Bashar al-Assad’s despotic regime in Syria ever since the outset of the Syrian uprisings in 2011. It has dispatched militants to the battlefield in untold numbers, stood by Al-Assad in global propaganda drives and set up cultural organizations in a bid to influence public opinion inside Syria. Nevertheless, the regime has always denied trying to affect …

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Iran Reports New Daily Record For COVID-19 Deaths Amid Surge Of Delta Variant

RFL/RE – Iran has reported a record daily 709 deaths from COVID-19 as the country struggled with yet another surge in infections, this time fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant. The new Health Ministry figures, cited by state-run ISNA news agency on August 24, add to the woes for Iran, which has long been the worst-hit country in the Middle …

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Record-Breaking Inflation Confronts Raisi’s New Presidency

Iranwire – President Ebrahim Raisi starts his presidency this month as Iran’s inflation rate has exceeded 45 percent – a record over the past year according to the Statistics Center. If the Central Bank had published its own data, perhaps the figure would have been even higher; but Iran’s Central Bank stopped publishing inflation reports almost three years ago, and the Statistics …

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Saeed Namaki’s Farewell Letter as Health Minister Delays Vaccine Delay Explanations

Iranwire – The Minister of Health of Hassan Rouhani’s former government, Saeed Namaki, said in a letter on his last day in office that his ministry had only a “minimal” and “ineffective” role in Iran’s delayed Covid-19 vaccine rollout, limited to providing the infrastructure to administer doses. But he added that he would explain other reasons for the delay only …

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Israel Expected to Push Hard-line Stance on Iran in Talks With US

VOA – Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is expected to urge his American counterpart to take a hard-line stance on Iran in the first meeting between the two leaders Thursday.  Bennett, elected to office two months ago, is making his first visit to Washington this week. Before he left Israel, he reiterated that he would push President Joe Biden on …

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