Monday , 10 December 2018

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A Woman Executed in Iran

Iran Human Rights – A woman was executed at Noshahr Prison on the charge of murdering her husband. According to a close source, on the morning of Tuesday, January 30, a woman was executed at Noshahr prison. The prisoner was sentenced to death on the charge of murdering her husband with an accomplice. The murder was committed in Molkar village …

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Will Iran’s military really divest from business holdings?

Al-Monitor – A significant recent development in Iran’s attempts to liberalize the country’s investment climate was the announcement by Defense Minister Ali Hatami that military organizations have been tasked by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to divest from “nonrelated” economic activities. Al-Monitor recently discussed the implications of this instruction, especially the fact that it will be difficult to find buyers …

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Protests against compulsory hijab trigger debate in Iran

Al-Monitor – On Jan. 30, a group of women in Tehran protested the country’s compulsory hijab rules by taking off their scarves in public and holding them up on sticks. The protest led to a series of reactions from both officials and analysts. Abbas Abdi, a Reformist analyst, said Jan. 29: “The events of the past few days … have …

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Iran State TV: ‘Even If He Beats You, Kiss His Feet’

RFL/RE – “Even if your husband is a drug addict, if he beats you, just do it and you will see a miracle in your life.” “It” isn’t a reference to marriage counseling. Or the help of family or the clergy. Or even prayer.

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Rohani Says Iranian Leaders Must Listen To The People

RFL/RE – President Hassan Rohani has said that the Iranian people continue to support the clerical establishment despite foreign pressure but insisted that the country’s leaders must listen to protesters behind a recent wave of unrest. Rohani made the comments on January 31, hours after President Donald Trump said the United States stands with the people of Iran against the …

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