Monday , 10 December 2018

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Iran: Violent Attacks Against Women Protesting The Hijab Continue

Iran-HRM – Violent attacks on women who protest against the compulsory veil have continued in recent days, by the State Security Force’s beating and arresting the protesters.

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What justifies Russian veto against Iran’s supply of weapons

Al-Arabia – The Security Council voted for a resolution that prevents Iran from providing the Houthis with weapons, but Russia vetoed this resolution. This implies that Russia opposes the resolution that prevents Iran from supplying Houthis with ballistic missiles that bombard our cities.

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The 80th Number of Peace Line Monthly Was Published

HARANA News Agency – The 80th issue of Peace Line monthly, with a focus on the economic problems of the “wage-earning class”, and especially the accumulation of wage arrears with the participation of a large number of civic activists, was published.

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Journalist Confronts FIFA President Over Iran’s Ban on Women in Stadiums: “It’s Our Right”

CHRI – Gianni Infantino Visited Iran to Discuss Ban, Says Tehran Newspaper

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Guardian Council Rejects Bill That Could Protect Rights of People Living With Disabilities in Iran

CHRI – Iran’s Guardian Council has rejected a proposed bill that would make it a legal right for people living with disabilities in the country to have a say about issues pertaining to their community.

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