Thursday , 21 October 2021

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Iran Calls on US to Drop ‘Its Addiction to Sanctions’

VOA – Iran urged the United States on Saturday to stop using sanctions against the Islamic republic and accused U.S. President Joe Biden of following the same “dead end” policies as his predecessor, Donald Trump.  Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh made his remarks a day after the U.S. Treasury announced financial sanctions against four Iranians accused of planning the kidnapping in …

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Israel: Still the ‘Strong Horse’ – Currently — excluding its ventures into South America from where it can more easily threaten North America — Iran, sometimes via proxies such as the Houthis, Hamas or Hezbollah — has successfully inserted itself into Yemen, in a seeming bid to overthrow and supplant Saudi Arabia, as well as in Iraq, Bahrain, Syria, Libya, Lebanon and the Gaza …

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New Details Emerge on Shock Arrest of Baha’i Designer

Iranwire – On Wednesday, September 1, Arsalan Yazdani, a Baha’i citizen living in Tehran, was arrested by security agents and taken to an unknown location. His wife Samira Ebrahimi has told IranWire about the shocking violation of their rights as Baha’i citizens in the course of the arrest, which also led her to suspect security agents had previously burgled their …

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Protesting Women of Herat and Kabul: We Will Never Submit to the Taliban

Iranwire – On Thursday, September 2, a large group of Afghan women gathered in the city of Herat to hold their first demonstration under the Taliban. The participants held up placards and expressed their demands: security, and the upholding of women’s rights to study and work in all fields. One sign read: “Don’t be afraid! We are all together”. Then on …

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Photojournalist Beaten by Municipal Office Staffer

Iranwire – Journalist and photographer Adel Azizi, chairman of the Central Provincial Photographers Association, was beaten up by an employee of the Arak governor’s office last week on visiting to talk about industry problems. According to a report by the Young Journalists Club dated September 3, the veteran reporter had gone to the office to follow up on an unenforced order by …

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