Sunday , 26 June 2022

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Are Football Stadiums in Iran Really Closed Because of Covid? (Spoiler: Don’t Bet on It)

Iranwire – On Sunday, May 15, the Iran Football League Organization announced that matches across the country would be held behind closed doors, without spectators, for the foreseeable future. The official reason given by president Heydar Baharvand was the Interior Ministry had flagged up a widespread failure to follow Covid-19 rules at sports venues. Pro League matches are set to continue for another …

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Biden’s Unwise Attempts to Save the Iran Deal – Mr Biden’s hopes of pressing ahead with the nuclear talks suffered a significant setback the other week when a bipartisan super-majority of US Senators voted to endorse a Republican-led measure insisting that any future agreement with Tehran must address Iran’s support for terrorism in the region, and that Washington should not lift sanctions against the IRGC. Tehran is …

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Iran steps up executions amid ongoing protests over food prices

Iran-HRM – The Iranian regime has stepped up executions to intimidate the society infuriated over the skyrocketing prices of food staples. At least 18 prisoners, including a woman, have been executed in recent days in Iran. One of those executed was a minor at the time of the arrest. Nine of those executed were convicted of drug-related charges and nine …

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UN Urges Iran to Revoke Execution of Swedish Academic Ahmadreza Djalali

CHRI – Iranian authorities should revoke the death sentence against Iranian-born Swedish academic Ahmadreza Djalali, said the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner in a statement published today. Read the complete statement by spokesperson Liz Throssell below. Click here to learn more about Djalali’s case. We are deeply alarmed by the imminent execution in the Islamic Republic of Iran of Swedish-Iranian doctor …

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Protesters Killed While Iran’s Government Blocks Internet and Media Coverage

CHRI – At least five protesters are dead amid a violent state crackdown on street demonstrations in Iran, while the authorities have blocked internet access in protest hot zones, pressured domestic media not to cover the protests, and arrested growing numbers of protesters and activists. Yet the protesters are refusing to back down; street demonstrations, currently in their second week, were reported …

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