Wednesday , 18 May 2022

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Russia and Iran: The New Axis of Evil Why Is the US Bankrolling Them? – Now Western security officials believe that Iran and Russia have struck a cooperation deal to work together to evade Western sanctions once a new nuclear deal has been agreed by the Biden administration. Iran is known to have established a clandestine banking and finance system to handle tens of billions of dollars in annual trade banned under U.S.-led …

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In a Forgotten Corner of Iran, a Baluchi Woman is Sentenced to Death

Iranwire – On March 1, the Revolutionary Court in the southwestern city of Kerman sentenced Zar Khatoon Mazar-Zehi, a 46-year-old Baluchi woman, to death for transporting drugs. Baluchi human rights organizations reported that she is a widowed mother-of-one who was unable to afford a lawyer. She is understood to have repeatedly told police and judiciary officials that the package police …

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World Cup Fiasco: Iranian Officials Claim FIFA Has No ‘Specific’ Concerns

Iranwire – Iranian government and sports officials have sought to dampen down the furore after female football fans were again blocked from entering a stadium in Mashhad, and pepper-sprayed at the gates, ahead of Iran’s last World Cup qualifying match on Tuesday. In an interview with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi claimed that some of the women affected had …

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Public display of humiliation: Security forces parade “thugs” in western Iran

Iran-HRM – In another public display of humiliation and degradation, the state security forces paraded several men on the streets of Kermanshah, western Iran. These people have been called by the police as “thugs and perpetrators of recent insecurities in the city of Kermanshah” and they were paraded across the city by a court order. One video posted on social …

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Iran cancels concert over women musicians

Iran-HRM – Iranian authorities have cancelled a music concert because three members of the band were women. The concert of Hamid Aramzadeh in Yazd, central Iran was cancelled because three of the musicians were women. In a video published on social media on on Tuesday, Aramzadeh appeared on stage before the performance, citing the presence of female musicians as the …

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