Wednesday , 24 July 2024

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Water pressure plummets in Tehran

Al-monitor — Iran has been threatened by a water crisis for years, a situation that is being worsened by the mismanagement of scarce water resources. In just a few more years, the Water and Sanitation Organization may become unable to supply drinking water to densely populated urban areas in the country, including Tehran. AUTHOR Alireza Ramezani Tehran’s population has ballooned so immensely …

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Notorious former Tehran prosecutor issues public apology for prisoner killings

Radiozamaneh – Former Tehran Prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi, accused of orchestrating the abuse and death of political detainees during the election protests of 2009 in Iran, has issued a public letter addressed to the judge apologizing to the survivors and families of the victims.   Mortazavi who stands trial has expressed hopes that such events would never be repeated; the matter …

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Iran Pressed to Release Homa Hoodfar

Radiozamaneh – Canadian and Irish academic communities have taken further initiatives to speak out against the arrest of Homa Hoodfar, Iranian-Canadian professor who is currently held prisoner in Iran.   Early September a group of academics gathered in front of the Iranian embassy in Ireland to protest the detention of Homa Hoodfar and call for her release. Hoodfar also holds …

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Iran Keeps Defending Executions For Drug Related Charges

Radiozamaneh – Iranian authorities reacted to UN condemnation of executions of prisoners convicted of trafficking drugs. The report from Ahmad Shaheed, the UN Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran referencing the execution of drug related convicts drew fire from International Affairs Deputy of Human Rights Headquarters of Iran’s Judiciary who described the report as politically biased and in service of …

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As Syrian Cease-fire Takes Hold, Iran’s Role Remains Murky

While Iran has said it publicly supports the cease-fire in Syria brokered by the United States and Tehran’s ally, Russia, it is not party to the agreement. International observers say that in the long run, they do not see Tehran supporting a full-fledged truce. They predict Iran will continue to engage anti-Syrian-government forces on the battlefield. “Iran and its proxies …

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