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Controversy erupts as soccer, religion clash in Iran

Al-monitor – Heated debate has erupted in Iran over the confluence of Tasua, one of the most significant holy days in the Shiite calendar, and the Oct. 11 Iran-South Korea football qualifier for the 2018 World Cup. AUTHOR Misha Zand Tasua and Ashura, the ninth and 10th days of the month of Moharram, are days of national mourning to commemorate the martyrdom of Imam …

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Why renewable energy is booming in Iran

Al-monitor — On Sept. 10, Iran and Russia launched a project to add two new 1,000-megawatt (MW) reactors to the already existing 1,000-MW reactor at the Bushehr nuclear power plant in the southwest of the country. The operating plant was connected to Iran’s national grid in September 2011, following a long series of delays and technical problems, and amid a dispute …

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Zinat Daryaee: The Great Entrepreneur of Qeshm Island

PayvandNews – Walking at a pavilion near Goftegoo Park in western Tehran, the music of natives from southern Iran attracts all the visitors. The largest pavilion of Qeshm Island, part of Hormozgan Province, is run by a female entrepreneur, Zinat Daryaee. Zinat Daryaee, whose name means adornment of the sea, is really a jewel in the heart of Qeshm Island …

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CEO: Boeing ‘Making Progress’ on Airplane Deal With Iran

VOA  —Aircraft maker Boeing is making progress on a deal to provide more than 100 commercial airplanes to Iran though none will be delivered in 2016, the company’s top executive said on Tuesday . The deal is part of efforts to rebuild Iran’s elderly fleet, an agreement included in a 2015 pact between Tehran and six world powers to lift …

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IMF Says Iran Economy ‘Rebounded Strongly’ Following Lifting Of Sanctions

RFL/RE – The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says Iran’s economy has “rebounded strongly” over the first half of the year, while authorities are undertaking reforms to boost growth. In a statement issued on October 3 after a visit to Iran, IMF staff said oil production and exports “rebounded quickly” to presanction levels, as an array of international sanctions targeting Iran …

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