Friday , 19 July 2024

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Iran Detains Another Iranian British Citizen, Computer Scientist and Antiwar Activist Abbas Edalat

CHRI – Abbas Edalat, an Iranian British academic and antiwar activist based in London, has been detained in Iran since April 15, 2018, after being arrested by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). “Iran’s continued arbitrary arrests of dual nationals without transparency and lack of due process is extremely concerning,” said the Center for Human Rights in Iran’s (CHRI’s) Executive …

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Former Iranian Environmental Official Reveals He Was Spied Since Returning to Iran

CHRI – Kaveh Madani: State Supporters “Created Many Problems For Me” In a resignation letter posted on his Twitter account, the former deputy head of Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE) Kaveh Madani revealed that he was spied on from the moment he returned to Iran.

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Amnesty – Iranian trade unionist Esmail Abdi started a hunger strike on 24 April to protest against the treatment of teachers and workers in Iran, on the one hand, and the denial of his requests for prison leave, on the other. Esmail Abdi is a prisoner of conscience serving a six-year sentence in Tehran’s Evin prison for his peaceful trade …

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Reform Or Regime Change For Iran?

lobelog – Recently the neo-conservative writer Eli Lake of Bloomberg Views interviewed Iranian exiled dissident and Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi. He chose a highly charged title for the interview: “Shirin Ebadi Is Done Trying to Reform Iran. She Wants Regime Change.” Ebadi, an established lawyer in Iran who also took on human rights cases, left Iran some years ago. She …

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Can ‘de-dollarization’ break Iran’s economic isolation?

Al-Monitor – While the nuclear deal struck between Iran and six world powers in 2015 lifted international sanctions, it failed to remove primary US restrictions on dollar transactions. As such, some in Iran have grown to view currency swap agreements (CSAs) with other countries as a way to overcome remaining US sanctions. This is even though many swaps do not …

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