Friday , 24 March 2023

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Why OPEC still can’t get Iran to cut oil production

Al-monitor – OPEC members have in recent months repeatedly met to discuss production cuts. The cartel’s members are suffering from the dramatic decline in oil prices over the past two years, which has seen crude dropping to between $40 and $50 per barrel from more than $100 in 2014. This has caused tremendous pressure on both government budgets and economies …

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Iranian Activists Detained For Celebrating Persian Emperor

RFL/RE – Iranian authorities have detained several organizers of a gathering attended by thousands marking the birth of the pre-Islamic King Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire. Iranian media quote Fars Province prosecutor Ali Salehi as saying the activists were detained because of “norm-breaking and anti-values” slogans that were chanted during an October 28 gathering in the …

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Iran’s Kish Invex 2016 to host 30 foreign companies

PayvandNews – The 3rd Kish International Exhibition of Exchange, Banking, Insurance and Privatization and the 8th International Exhibition for Presenting Iran’s Investment Opportunities, are about to be held simultaneously in November under the title of Kish Invex 2016, IRNA reported on Saturday. According to Arya Hamidian, the event organizer, some 30 foreign companies as well as 150 Iranian companies will …

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Iran unveils 4 biotechnology medicines expected to decrease outflow by $600M

PayvandNews – An Iranian pharmaceutical company has unveiled four domestically produced biotechnology medicines, leading to $600 million decrease in flow of money out of the country annually. Biotechnology medicines are developed through biological processes using living cells or organisms, rather than the traditional chemical synthesis approach. They are large molecules that are similar or identical to the proteins and other …

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Iran death penalty: Justice minister calls for fewer executions

BBC – Iran’s justice minister is looking for an “effective punishment” for criminals instead of execution, according to local media. Mostafa Pourmohammadi said he thought the number of capital crimes should be revised, the Tasnim News Agency said. “In fact we want to find the most effective kind of punishment so that we are able to consider replacing execution,” Mr …

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