Thursday , 2 February 2023

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Increasing Concern for Health of Jailed Rights Lawyer, Dissident Cleric in Iran

Radiozmaneh – Iranian human right lawyer, Abdolfattah Soltani, who has been languishing in jail over two thousand days, is in grave health condition. Abdolfattah Soltani Zahra Rabani Amlashi writes that “respect for human dignity is one of the fundamentals of the Islamic Republic constitution and this makes the government responsible for providing health and medical services for everyone.” An Amnesty …

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Netanyahu to Meet Putin, Says Iran Seeks Permanent Foothold in Syria

VOA – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he would meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Thursday to voice opposition to what the Israeli leader charged were Iran’s attempts to establish a permanent military foothold in Syria. “In the framework of a [future peace agreement] or without one, Iran is attempting to base itself permanently in Syria – either …

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Iran: Eight Prisoners in Imminent Danger of Execution

Iran Human Rights –  Eight death row prisoners in Iran are in imminent danger of execution after authorities transferred them to solitary confinement. Two prisoners are in imminent danger of execution in Ghezel Hesar Prison Alborz province, northern Iran According to close sources, on Saturday March 4, at least two death row prisoners in Ghezel Hesar Prison were transferred to …

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Iran: Seven Prisoners Hanged in One Day

Iran Human Rights –  At least seven prisoners were executed in Iran on Saturday March 4. Four prisoners, including two women, hanged at Rasht’s central prison, Lakan Gilan province, northern Iran According to close sources, on the morning of Saturday March 4, four prisoners, including two women, were hanged at Rasht’s central prison, Lakan. These four prisoners were reportedly transferred …

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Evin Prison Violating Iranian Law by Keeping Political Prisoners in Wards With Violent Offenders

Iranhumanrights,org – Some Prisoners Attacked With “Brass Knuckles and Knives” The authorities of Evin Prison in Tehran are violating Iranian law by refusing to move four political prisoners who have been attacked by other inmates to a ward for non-violent offenders, a source told the Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Between January and March of 2017, filmmaker Keyvan Karimi, …

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