Thursday , 2 February 2023

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Iran’s Rouhani moves to form campaign headquarters

Al-monitor – Iran’s moderate President Hassan Rouhani has conclusively put an end to talk of whether he will seek re-election. In the past months, rumors were circulating in political circles and social networks about Rouhani’s unwillingness to run in the May 19 presidential elections. This rumored unwillingness wasn’t due to his reluctance to seek a second term, but rather over …

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Allure of riches draws young Iranians to network marketing

Al-monitor  — During the past few years, network marketing has become a popular occupation among the youth in Iran. Having successfully managed to distance themselves from controversy involving pyramid schemes, these network marketing firms operate with all necessary licenses and permits. AUTHOR Saeid Jafari As a business model, network marketing has been present in Iran since 2009. To generate substantial …

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To Veil or Not to Veil — That is a Complex Question

PayvandNews – Ann Linde, Swedish Minister for EU Affairs and Trade tweeted: I’m proud of my delegation to Iran, which consisted of a large majority of women, 12 of 15! by Sussan Tahmasebi (source: LobeLog) Over the last two years, countless trade and diplomatic delegations have traveled to Iran to kick off economic cooperation in diverse sectors from the auto …

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Americans can now open bank accounts in Iran

PayvandNews – Iran says it has been informed by Washington that US nationals can have bank accounts in the Islamic Republic. The announcement was made by a top official at the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), as reported by the domestic media. Hamid Qanbari, the deputy director of the CBI for supply of foreign currencies, told a seminar in Tehran …

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Pentagon Blasts Iranian Navy For Harassing U.S. Ships In Persian Gulf

RFL/RE – The Pentagon has blasted what it called the “unsafe and unprofessional” behavior of the Iranian navy after two separate incidents in the Strait of Hormuz last week. A Pentagon spokesman said on March 6 that an Iranian frigate came within 150 meters of the lightly armed USNS Invincible on March 2. Then on March 4, several small assault …

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