Saturday , 13 August 2022

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President Rouhani: Iran removed bases for sanctions with JCPOA

PayvandNews – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says his administration pulled off the task of removing the bases for sanctions against the Islamic Republic, not just the bans themselves, by achieving a nuclear deal with six world powers. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at a meeting with government officials in the southwestern Iranian city of Yasuj, August 15, 2016. Speaking in a …

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Traditional Music genres of the Iranian World

PayvandNews – Music and songs transferred orally among various Iranian tribes and peoples is an invaluable inheritance which should be known in order to be properly preserved. Iranian local music also called regional music according to some sources include the music of micro-cultures classified under Iranian or Persian Culture. This report, is based on a book titled: General Musical Knowledge …

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Russia Launches Syria Air Strikes From Iranian Base

RFL/RE – The Russian military has conducted air strikes in Syria using warplanes based in Iran for the first time, Russian state media are reporting. Russia’s Defense Ministry said the August 16 air strikes were carried out by Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Su-34 strike fighters that took off from the Hamadan air field in Iran. The ministry claimed the strikes successfully …

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Iran Kills Three Purported Sunni Militants

RFL/RE – Iranian security forces claim they have killed three purported Sunni militants in western Iran. Police reported that the men were killed in a shoot-out on August 16 in the city of Kermanshah, about 500 kilometers southwest of Tehran and about 100 kilometers from the border with Iraq. They said an automatic rifle and a suicide vest were confiscated after …

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Iran Reportedly Detains British Dual National

RFL/RE – Media in Iran are reporting that authorities have detained a dual Iranian-British citizen on suspicion of spying. The state IRNA news agency reported on August 16 that the unidentified detainee had “been active in the economic field, related to Iran.” The British government has not commented on the report. Iranian authorities have detained at least six other dual …

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