Thursday , 29 September 2022

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Iran: At Least 30 Individuals Arrested During The Country’s Fire Festival

Iran-HRM -At least 30 individuals were arrested in Tehran during Iran’s annual “Fire Festival” on March 13, according to the city’s Head of Combating Narcotic police.

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Iran Arrests Kurds Protesting Turkish Operation In Syria

Radioofarda – Eleven Kurdish rights activists, including outspoken journalist, Adnan Hassanpour, have been arrested in Marivan, Kurdistan province, western Iran, Kurdish media reported on Tuesday, March 13. Meanwhile, Kurdistan Press Agency (Kurdpa) said, nine of the detainees were identified, so far. All of the activists from Marivan were detained by the Islamic Republic’s intelligence agents and plainclothesmen on Monday evening. …

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Judiciary Head Says No To Hasty Trials, Dismisses UN Criticism

Radiofarda – While Iran’s senior judiciary authorities have called for a swift and “out of turn” trial for the Gonabadi dervishes, the top judge says he is against “hasty investigations.”

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Two Rouhani Ministers Survive Impeachment After A Day-Long Session

Radiofarda – Iranian Labor Minister Ali Rabiei walks to the podium during his parliament impeachment hearing, in Tehran, March 13, 2018

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Official In Charge Of Iran’s Internet Says Telegram Will Be Filtered If Needed

Iran-HRM – The head of the National Center for Cyberspace said that they would filter Telegram if they reached the conclusion that it was needed. According to reports, communication and information technology officials constantly emphasize the need to replace foreign messengers with internal ones due to the speed and quality of interior messengers, in addition to security and economic reasons. …

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