Thursday , 29 September 2022

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Iran Signs $4 Billion Oil Deal With Russian Firm

RFL/RE – Iran has signed a $742 million deal with Russian state-owned energy firm Zarubezhneft to boost production at two oil fields in the country’s west.

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US-Iranian man gets 25 years prison for trying to buy missiles for Iran

Al-Arabia – A dual citizen of Iran and the United States was sentenced on Wednesday to 25 years in prison after he was found guilty of trying to buy surface-to-air missiles and aircraft components for the government of Iran in violation of US sanctions. Reza Olangian, 57, was sentenced by US District Judge Loretta Preska in Manhattan. The sentence is …

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Lies as the distinguishing feature of Syria, Russia and Iran

AL-Arabia – The cruel Syrian war launched by Bashar al-Assad on his people seven years ago under the name of counterterrorism demonstrated that the culture of lies connects the three allies Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime.

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US Military Official: Iran Naval Forces Halt ‘Provocations’

VOA – Iranian naval forces appear to have deliberately halted their provocations of U.S. Navy ships in the Persian Gulf in recent months, a U.S. military official said Thursday.

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Iran’s Growing Water Shortage Protests Spur Accusations of Mismanagement

VOA – Escalating street protests by Iranians against water shortages in a rural part of central Iran have inspired more domestic criticism of the government’s handling of the nation’s water resources. Overseas-based human rights groups say the protests by farmers in Varzaneh in Isfahan province began last month and escalated into violent confrontations with security forces last week. FILE – …

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