Thursday , 29 September 2022

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Tehran Mayor Reportedly Resigns Amid ‘Dancing Girls’ Scandal

Radiofarda – The chairman of Tehran City Council and a council member have confirmed receiving the resignation letter of reformist Mayor Mohammad-Ali Najafi amid conflicting reports of his decision to step down.

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Iran: Detained Mother And Son Under Pressure For Forced Confessions

Iran-HRM – According to reports, detained Dervish Kianoush Abbaszadeh was once again transferred to the Shapour Police Station.

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Report On Horrific Condition Of Baluch Political Prisoners In Zahedan Prison

Iran-HRM – The death sentence of political prisoner Ismael She Bakhsh held in Zahedan Prison was confirmed by the Supreme Court during the last few days. The 30-year-old prisoner was arrested two years ago by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and was sentenced to death in a show trial.

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Iran: Atena Daemi And Golrokh Iraee Beaten In Qarchak Prison

Iran-HRM – Atena Daemi and Golrokh Iraee, two civil rights activists detained in Qarchak Prison of Varamin, were beaten by prison guards and were transferred from quarantine to another section in this prison in the morning. The two prisoners stressed that since their transfer to this prison was illegal in the first place, they have to be returned to Evin …

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Iran Publicly Hangs Two Brothers, Executes Father Of Twin Girls

Iran-HRM – Two brothers were publicly hanged early morning today in Gachsaran, south west Iran‌, according to the state-run Rokna news agency. They were charged with armed robbery from a jewelry during which they killed two tradesmen late 2017.

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