Tuesday , 28 June 2022

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Oil Slicks From Sunken Iranian Tanker Spread, Raising Environmental Concerns

RFL/RE – Oil slicks on the water surface around a sunken Iranian tanker in the East China Sea are expanding, Chinese authorities reported, raising environmental concerns. China’s State Oceanic Administration said that it had found an 18-kilometer-long slick east of where the vessel sank, and another slick that was almost 15 kilometers long southwest of the site. Another slick with …

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Iran Joins Russia In Opposing U.S. Plan To Guard Syrian Border

RFL/RE – Iranian President Hassan Rohani has joined Russia, Syria, and Turkey in opposing a new 30,000-strong border guard force inside Syria that the United States says is needed to keep Islamic State extremists out of the country. “The new plan that the Americans have in mind for Syria is a violation of international laws and a plot against the …

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Iran’s Leader Accuses Saudis of ‘Treason’ Against Muslims

VOA —Iran’s supreme leader has accused Saudi Arabia of “treason” against Muslims because of its alleged ties to Israel. Addressing representatives from the Muslim-majority countries in Tehran on Tuesday, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said “governments that help the United States and cooperate with the Zionist regime to fight Muslim brothers are committing treason, like what Saudis are doing.” However, he also …

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Prisoner Executed in Northern Iran

Iran Human Rights Organization – A prisoner was executed at Babol Prison on murder charges. According to a report by HRANA, on the morning of Monday, January 15, a prisoner was executed at Babol prison. The 27-year-old prisoner, identified as Y. S., was sentenced to death on murder charges. The prisoner had murdered his wife three years ago. The execution …

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Intelligence Ministry Forces Father of Slain Protester to Repeat Authorities’ Version of Events on State TV

CHRI – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry coerced the father of a dead protester into claiming in front of a camera that his son was killed during an armed confrontation with security forces, the Center for Human Rights in Iran (CHRI) has learned. The footage was then aired on state TV. “What you saw in that video is a father’s forced confession …

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