Tuesday , 4 October 2022

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Death Sentence for Expression of Opinion in Iran; Demand for a Retrial

Iran Human Rights – Sina Dehghan (Dehqan), who has been sentenced to death for “insulting prophet Muhammad,” has requested a retrial and his lawyer hopes the request will be approved. According to a close source, Sina Dehghan, who has been sentenced to death for “insulting the prophet” and his verdict has been approved by the Supreme Court, has requested a …

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Iran raises minimum wage in concession to workers

Al-Monitor – Following intense tripartite negotiations, the Iranian government, employers and unions agreed to increase the country’s minimum wage by 19.8%, from 9.29 million rials ($245) per month to 11.14 million rials ($294.50). The deal will see the highest year-on-year growth in real terms since 2002. Workers and labor unions have scored this victory as the Iranian economy still reels …

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Four Iranian Military Personnel Killed In Bombing Of Syrian Base

Radiofarda – Four Iranians were killed in an airstrike on a Syrian airbase near Homs on Sunday, a news agency affiliated with the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), Fars reported on Monday, April 9.

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Blackouts On The Way, Warns Energy Minister

Radiofarda – Power outages are inevitable next summer across Iran, the country’s energy minister has warned.

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Trump, Macron Vow ‘Strong’ Response As Emergency UN Session Set On Syria

Radiofarda – U.S. President Donald Trump and French leader Emmanuel Macron say they will coordinate “a strong, joint response” to a reported chemical attack in Syria’s rebel-held city of Douma that has sparked international outrage. During a phone call on April 8, the two leaders condemned the “horrific” attack and agreed that the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad “must …

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